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Adventure Kit Mind Eaters Lair

Author: David North $4.99 USD

The Adventure Kit series continues to excite with The Mind Eaters Lair! This set offers unique props and tiles allowing you to expose your players to the weird, cruel and horriffic enviroments of the Mind Eaters!

37 Items Included in Adventure Kit Mind Eaters Lair

Floating Crystals

floating crystals prop

Hallway 3 Split Wide

mind hallway lair

Hallway 3 Split

mind hallway lair

Hallway 4 Split Wide

mind hallway lair

Hallway 4 Split

mind hallway lair

Hallway Corner Wide

mind hallway lair

Hallway Corner

mind hallway lair

Instrument Table

instrument mind table

large Hallway Wide

mind hallway lair

large Hallway

mind hallway lair

Large Retangle Room

mind room lair

Large Square Room

mind room lair

Medium Retangle Room

mind room lair

Mind Eater Brute

eater mind brute

Pile of Bones

pile remains bones


podium mind book


captive prisoner npc

Small Hallway

mind hallway lair

Small Retangle Room

mind room lair

Small Wide Hallway

mind hallway lair

Spawning Pool

spawning bath pool

Stasis Pod

stasis chamber pod

Strange Artifact

strange artifact puzzle

Strange Tank Occupied

expirement strange tank

Strange Tank

expirement strange tank

Test Subject

expirement subject test

Torture Machine

tool torture machine


ulitharid eater mind

Weird Machine 2

console weird machine

Weird Machine

controls weird machine

Brain Tank

expirement brain tank

Cage Occupied

captive prisoner cage


cage torture prison

Crafting Table

crafting mind table

Dimensional Portal

device dimensional portal

Experiment Table

expirement mind table

Hologram Dimension Chart

chart hologram dimension

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