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Adventurer's Guild 2

Author: Doodles and Dragons $4.99

Doodles and Dragons: Adventurer’s Guild 2 contains 36 unique hand-drawn and colored game tokens. With individual, clean, bright artwork drawn to size and free from unnecessary visual clutter, the tokens are easily read and adapted into any narrative. Doodles and Dragons strives to put imagination back into tabletop gaming by giving every character, creature, and monster a unique personality and identity. There are no repeats or recolors, and you won’t find these images in other packs.

Adventurer’s Guild 2 includes: Savage Barbarians, High-Elf Princesses, Friendly Clerics, Dark Knights, Dragonborn Liches, and many more heroes, NPCs, or villains ready for your story!

36 Items Included in Adventurer's Guild 2

Bard Doppleganger F

doppleganger hero bard

Bard Teifling M

teifling hero bard

Cleric Human M 2

g-man suit cleric

Cleric Human M

rogers cleric

Cleric Orc F

healer orc cleric

Fighter Dwarf M 1

randy savage brute fighter

Fighter Human M 7

nord barbarian metal

Fighter Human M 8

hyrule link boy

Fighter Human M 9

savage brute barbarian

Fighter Human M 10

barbarian hammer fighter

Fighter Human M 11

mr t chains fighter

Fighter Orc M 1

mutton chops orc fighter

Fighter Teifling M

anung un rama hellboy brute

Kenku 1

ravenman kenku mage

Kenku 2

ravenman kenku fighter

Merfolk M 1

abe sapian aquaman fishman

Monk M 1

saiyan goku fighter

Monk M 2

third eye psychic mage

Ninja Human 1

stealth shadow ninja

Paladin Halfling M

sun lance bird knight feather

Paladin Human F 2

captain warrior soldier

Paladin Human M 2

hero paladin soldier

Paladin Human M 3

black knight villian dark knight

Paladin Human M

green knight lantern warrior

Ranger HalfElf F 1

halfelf studded ranger

Ranger Halfling F 1

halfling rogue bow

Rogue Halfling F 2

cowl halfling rogue

StegoMan M

dinoman stegosaurus dinosaur

Vampire 2

alucard cursed vampire

Wizard Dragonborn M

dark wizard dragonborn lich

Wizard Elf F 2

healer princess high elf

Wizard Elf F 3

archeologist high elf academic

Wizard Human F 1

curly familiar cat

Wizard Human M 4

wizard hat gandalf pipe

Wizard Human M 5

sorcerer mage knight

Wizard Human M 6

giftgiver santa saint

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