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Return to Skull Island

Author: Keltic Studio $4.99

A great way to round out the Skull Island Village is to add the rest of the tribe. This set includes men, women, and children for a total of 35 tokens in all.

35 Items Included in Return to Skull Island

Child 4

boy npc child

Woman 4

npc sleeping

Man 4

npc strong big

Child 5

looking boy child

Woman 5

npc sleeping

Man 5

npc sleeping dead

Child 6

reaching kid young

Woman 6

npc sleeping

Man 6

meditating wise old

Child 7

outreach dance kid

Woman 7

walking npc

Man 7

crouching wise old

Child 8

walking dress young

Female 8

walking angry

Male 8

talking strong big

Woman 9

kneeling hurt

Male 9

dirty tattoo bald

Woman 10

npc standing old

Man 10

falling dirty strong

Woman 11

npc sitting

Woman 12

holding head npc standing

Woman 13

hands on hips posing young

Woman 14

playful dancing youthful

Woman 15

walking npc young

Woman 16

arms outstreached dancing casting

Woman 17

look upward dance hair

Child 1

kneeling praying playing

Woman 1

kneeling cleaning cooking

Man 1

mohawk npc strong

child 2

kneeling hunting child

Woman 2

sweeping cleaning broom

Man 2

begging skinny old

Child 3

jumping kid running

Woman 3

crossed arms thinking npc

Man 3

skinny npc standing

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