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Skull Island Tribe

Author: Keltic Studio $4.99

In the jungle highlands lives the Skull Island Tribe. This set includes The Chief, his family, and the warriors of the tribe. 28 tokens in all!

28 Items Included in Skull Island Tribe

Daughter of Chief 1

fighter archer warrior

Daughter of Chief 2

priestess npc cleric

Elite Warrior

spearman fighter warrior

Warrior 1

fighter archer warrior

Warrior 2

fighter archer warrior

Warrior 3

spearman fighter warrior

Chief's Son

flail fighter warrior

Chief's companion 1

walking npc

Son's companion 1

dance npc

Son's companion 2

timid npc

Shaman's companion

npc standing



Young spear man 1

npc spear warrior

Young spear man 2

npc running spear

Young spear man 3

npc young spear

Young spear man 4

npc fighter spear

Young spear man 5

npc young spear

Young spear man 6

npc spear warrior

Young spear man 7

npc spear warrior

Young bowman 1

npc fighter archer

Young bowman 2

npc archer bow

Young bowman 3

archer bow warrior

Young bowman 4

fighter archer bow

Young bowman 5

npc archer bow

Young bowman 6

arrow archer bow

Young bowman 7

npc running archer


chieftess matriarch npc


patriarch chief npc

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