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Beginning Dungeon Set

Author: DMS Creations $6.99

Are you a New GM? or maybe you're just new to Roll20? Perhaps you just feel like you're missing some of the basics.
In any case this is the set for you! Map Tiles, Walls, Doors, Traps, Treasure and Monsters. What more could you ask for
other than a group of friends to play with!!! Become the Dungeon Master you were Destined to be and Play Your way!

DMS Creations

95 Items Included in Beginning Dungeon Set

Bone Pile td

topdown skeletons bones

bones 01 td

topdown skeleton bones

bones 02 td

topdown skeleton bones

bones 03 td

topdown skeleton bones

bones 04 td

skeleton top bones

bones 05 td

bone skeleton top

bones 06 td

bleached bone top

Brazier unlit TD

brazier unlit light

Brazier TD

brazier light torch

broken barrel TD

rubble broken barrel

chain pole FF

sacrifice cage torture

chain pole TD

sacrifice chain top

chest 02 FF

lockbox chest treasure

chest 02 td

chest top treasure

chest 03 FF

lockbox chest treasure

chest 03 td

chest top treasure

chest FF

lockbox chest treasure

chest td

chest top treasure

cocoon td

larder cocoon spider

cocoon2 td

larder cocoons spider

Crystal spire td

spire crystal top


mist fog smoke

gas vent

grate vent tile

gelatinous mob FF

ooze monster creature

gelatinous mob td

ooze top monster

Idol FF

idol statue altar

Idol TD

idol statue altar

Marker Acid

tilemarker acid trap

Marker arrowtrap

tilemarker arrow trap

Marker Electric

tilemarker electricity trap

Marker Fire

tile marker trap fire

Marker Ice

tile marker ice trap

Marker Illusion

tile marker illusion trap

Marker Poison

tile marker poison trap

metal door

dungeon tile metal door

Mystic stone FF

mystic stone artifact magic

Mystic stone td

mystic stone artifact top

Ooze FF

ooze monster creature

Ooze td

ooze top monster

pit trap FF

tile marker pit trap

Plant monster TD

top monster plant

pool td

tile marker pool fountain

potion FF

magic potion treasure

potion TD

top potion treasure

Raised dias 01 TD

tile marker dias altar

Raised dias 02 TD

tile marker dias altar

rat td

rat monster creature


rug skin prop

Secret Door

tile marker secret door trick

skeletal horse FF

horse undead monster

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+ All Access Vault Enabled
You and your players can export existing Characters from other games into this game using the Character Vault feature. Read more »