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Map Pack 14 Thieves Guild

Author: Meditating Munky $4.99

Kill stealing Thieves on your hands? Maybe one of your PCs has a case of sticky fingers and noone in town will buy their goods... Make them march on down into the Luxurious Waterfront District known as the Sewers and join the Local Thieves Guild! Map Pack Vol 14 Thieves Guild has 10 Thieves Guild orientated maps from big to small to really big huge!

These maps include everything you would find in the Thieves Guild from Housing to the Finest Taverns, Storage Vaults, and even Fighting Pits!!!

I Want these maps with Dynamic Lighting already set!

No problem! I made that happen with Dynamic Dungeons Vol 2 to save you time!

I'm a Treasure Hunter, not a Thief, but I speak a little Thieves Cant on Twitter or check out my Vault on Patreon for more Lost Treasures!

10 Items Included in Map Pack 14 Thieves Guild


ledge guild thieves cell sewer fantasy tile


guild thieves sewer warehouse house fantasy tile


hideout cage sewer prison bed fantasy tile


hideout jail sewer storage bandit fantasy tile


sewer vault prison treasure dragon fantasy tile


bank sewer vault prison house fantasy tile


den barracks arena sewer lair fantasy tile


barracks thieves sewer warehouse prison fantasy tile


palace arena sewer pit tavern fantasy tile


shop arena pub chamber sewer fantasy tile

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