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The Battle for Nimy Bridge

Author: Grantovich $4.99

August 23, 1914. The belgian hamlet of Nimy, quiet and pastoral, is destined to become a bloody battleground where british expeditionary force and imperial german army will clash with each other for the first time in the Great War. The main reason for fighting here is the railroad bridge of strategic importance, which can be utilized to cross the canal of Mons-Conde. British troops hastily entrenched on the south bank of the canal. They're about to face a huge german invading force which greatly outnumbers defending brits. The bridge must be protected at all costs!

Nimy bridge battle map is the first map from historical battlefields series. This map features belgian countriside with a huge railway bridge in the center. Some tiles of sandbags, trenches and shell craters are included with the map as well as night version and versions with or without grid.

This map is in A4 format, so you can print it on any paper format for use in live tabletop sessions. Enjoy!

12 Items Included in The Battle for Nimy Bridge

Nimy bridge day hex grid

grid hex historical day map

Nimy bridge day no grid

historical day bridge map

Nimy bridge day square grid

grid historical day square map

Nimy bridge night hex grid

grid hex historical night map

Nimy bridge night no grid

historical night map

Nimy bridge night square grid

grid historical night square map

Sandbag firing position

sandbag historical map

Sandbag wall

sandbag historical map

Shell crater 1

crater historical map

Shell crater 2

crater historical map

Shell crater 3

crater historical map

nimy trench

trench historical map

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