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Pixels and Dragons - Map Pack 2

Author: Dsurion $4.99

I decided to try doing a map a day for inktober this year and this is half of the results so far.


15 maps ready to use
All maps are 25x25 in size
Includes a variety of themes, like an Eldritch Forest, Town Square or a Town Square.
Let me know and I'll try to keep doing more of these.

Click on my name besides Author for more packs.
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Dsurion
Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/Dsurion (extra tokens every Sunday and maps)

(All my sets are for Personal use only)

15 Items Included in Pixels and Dragons - Map Pack 2

16 - Merchant Store - 25x25

town pixel fantasy map

17 - Town Square - 25x25

town pixel fantasy map

18 - Inn in the Middle of Nowhere - 25x25

pixel tavern desert fantasy map

19 - Shanty Town - 25x25

town pixel fantasy map

20 - By the Docks - 25x25

ocean sea pixel fantasy map

21 - By the Beach - 25x25

ocean sea pixel fantasy map

22 - Exotic Flora - 25x25

jungle forest pixel fantasy map

23 - Graveyard - 25x25

town pixel fantasy map

24 - Deserted Drylands - 25x25

dirt pixel desert fantasy map

25 - Summoning Altar - 25x25

pixel dungeon fantasy map

26 - Volcanic Terrain - 25x25

pixel lava fantasy map

27 - Crystal Cove - 25x25

cave pixel fantasy map

28 - Freezing Fjords - 25x25

snow ice pixel fantasy map

29 - Eldritch Forest - 25x25

jungle dark pixel fantasy map

30 - Idle Portal - 25x25

cloud celestial pixel fantasy map

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