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Boss Monster Token Set 12

Author: David North $4.99

Boss Monster Token Set 12 offers 20 new creature tokens to challenge your players in your RPG campaign.

20 Items Included in Boss Monster Token Set 12

Astral Kraken

astral extraplanar kraken

Blue Spawn Burrower

burrower spawn blue

Dire Troll

dire troll giant

Elder Oblex

oblex elder ooze

Female Steeder

steeder monstrosity female

Frost Salamander

salamander frost elemental


howler fiend monster

Kruthik Hive Lord

kruthik hive lord


modron marut construct

Ogre Battering Ram

battering ram ogre

Ogre Bolt Launcher

launcher ogre bolt

Ogre Chain Brute

ogre chain brute

Ogre Howdah

howdah ogre giant


retriever construct spider

Rot Troll

rot troll giant

Spirit Troll

troll spirit giant

Star Spawn Hulk

hulk spawn star

Steel Predator

predator construct steel

Venom Troll

venom troll giant


yagnoloth fiend monster

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