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Roll20 Marketplace Product

Teotls Pack

Author: Elcio Trombini $4.99 USD

This pack contain tokens of gods of the western tropical lands.

18 Items Included in Teotls Pack


chalchiutlicue aztec goddess mythology water


hummingbird huitzlopotchtl aztec god war


ixtliton aztec healing god


mictlantecuhtli god death

Quetzalcoatl, hybrid form

aztec quetzalcoatl wind god light

Quetzalcoatl, light spirit

aztec quetzalcoatl god

Quetzalcotl, beast form

quetzalcotl snake winged

Quinametzin Statue 01

mythology totem statue

Tezcatlipoca, dark

aztec jaguar night cat

Tezcatlipoca, tan

ocelot mirror smoking earth

Tlaloc 01

aztec mythology storm god rain

Tlaloc 02

aztec storm god rain


tlazol goddess luxury


metalsmith xipetotec vegetation flayed


xiucoatl aztec legendary weapon


xochiquetzal aztec goddess flower

Xolotl, Dog form

xolotl aztec dog

Xolotl, Hybrid form

weredog xolotl shapeshifter

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