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Roll20 Marketplace Product

Cyberpunks Vol. 6

Author: Sunset Industries

This art will be available in the Art Library of all your games. Can include tokens, figures, maps, token borders, or portraits.

Price: $5.99

In this volume of Cyberpunks we've got a whole slew of bots, hackers, yakuza, security personnel and just about everything else you need to keep your campaigns interesting. Each character comes in 3 to 4 poses so you can reuse them in various campaigns without things getting boring.

I want to thank everyone that buys my packs and supports cyberpunk content in general. I really appreciate the heck out of you guys, and as long as you keep buying 'em I'll keep making new stuff!

Each token is a transparent PNG and is sized at 560x560px so they scale super well in Roll20!

38 Items Included in Cyberpunks Vol. 6

Combat Mage Idle

token scifi mage wizard lightning security corporate

Combat Mage Prone

modern token scifi elf fighter urban metahuman

Combat Mage attack

token scifi fantasy magic futuristic spell magician

Covert Ops Prone

token scifi punk scout syfy sniper sicfi

Covert Ops attack

token military scifi ghost paramilitary covert clandestine

Covert Ops idle

token scifi swordsman streetsamurai sammie razorboy bushido

Crab Bot Active

token scifi machine drone crab automaton puppet

Crab Bot Attack

token scifi woman npc cyberpunk pc fight cyber

Crab Bot prone 2

token scifi beast enemy golem crawler program clone

Crab Bot prone

token scifi robot spider rigger cyberware

Decker Hacker Idle 2

token scifi shadow runner decker solo solos

Decker Hacker Idle

token scifi deck grunt investigator commlink virtualreality

Decker Hacker Prone

token scifi technician specialist hardware datajack cyberdeck

Detective Attack

token scifi gun cyborg detective private prosthesis

Detective Idle

token scifi police cop information contact fixer

Detective Prone

token scifi human sword combat protection commando

Drone Rigger 2

token scifi male young elite katana wagemage

Drone Rigger 3

token scifi tech remote technomancer otaku cybercombat

Drone Rigger Prone

token scifi ranger spy matrix paratrooper freelancer

Drone Rigger

token scifi keyboard control lookout operator dronerigger

Enforcer Attack

token scifi corpse bouncer pi undercover p.i.

Enforcer Idle

token scifi tank power bodyguard gloves enforcer vory

Enforcer Prone

token scifi bat glasses sunglasses mirror shades

Eyebot dead (burned)

token scifi space soldier future net present

Eyebot dead

token scifi dead broken destroyed squid bot

Eyebot idle

token scifi army tentacle defense arms grabber

Gunslinger Idle

token scifi star guard fallout colt manhunter lonestar lone rentacop cadet

Gunslinger Prone

token scifi pistol western cowboy firearms bounty firearm gunslinger bountyhunter

Gunslinger attack

token scifi female hunter rifle expert hire

Henchman Attack 2

token scifi boss business secretary executive director implant

Henchman Attack

token scifi punk hacker vr independent sim

Henchman Attack

token scifi businessman asian japanese lieutenant korean

Henchman Idle

token scifi office lady worker johnson snitch informant disgruntled

Henchman Prone

token scifi henchman yakuza face underworld hench

Professional Gunslinger Fight

token scifi heavy thug tough neon plainclothes

Professional Gunslinger Idle

token scifi guard cop adept mafia bail

Professional Gunslinger Prone

token scifi double street dual bondsman triad

Professional Gunslinger

token character scifi goon geek espionage nerd

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