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Multi Maps: Caves

Author: Chibbin Grove

This art will be available in the Art Library of all your games. Can include tokens, figures, maps, token borders, or portraits.

Price: $4.99

Hey folks!

Chibbin Grove presents a new map pack in the Multi Maps series: Caves.
In this pack are 5 different cave map sets, plus some variants.
Grid and No Grid included.


Bear Cave - 20x30

Travellers are often warned by residents of nearby villages to avoid this cave at all costs. As it's name simply suggests, bears are known to make their home here. Those who make the mistake of wandering in are rarely ever seen again.

Bear Cave map previews

Foxhole Cave - 30x20

Upon approaching this cave, one can quickly surmise that it is often used for nefarious purposes. The ground inside is painted with a macabre tapestry of blood and bones, shrouding the place in an unsettling mystery.

Foxhole Cave map previews

Haawit Cave - 30x30

This cave is a multi-level complex with many secrets laying beneath the surface. Venture deep enough and one will find an ancient dungeon, where daunting trials guard long-forgotten treasures.

Haawit Cave map previews

Spoonie Mine - 60x20

Following the cart tracks through the rocky corridors of this mine reveals a bounty of precious ore veins. While most miners stay relatively close to the entrance, avoiding the perilous drops further in, the lure of undiscovered riches still beckons the bold. If one wishes to explore deeper, they must be sure to have a steady foot.

Spoonie Mine map previews

Coven Cave - 40x40 & 80x80

This labyrinthian, multi-level cave serves as the secret abode for a coven of witches. Making it past the cunning traps and descending deeper inside reveals remnants of ritual practices.

Coven Cave map previews


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28 Items Included in Multi Maps: Caves


trees cavern cave


trees cavern cave


treasure cavern cave


treasure cavern cave


cave night night time


cavern night night time


bones cavern cave


bones trees cave


trees cavern cave


trees cavern cave


bones cavern cave


cavern cave bone


nature cavern cave


nature cavern cave


trees cave mine


trees cave mine


cave skeleton underground


cave skeleton underrgound


treasure dungeon underground


treasure dungeon underground


cave mine mining


cave mine mining


witch cave traps


trap witches traps

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