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Post-Apocalypse: The Girl with the Uranium Heart

Author: Paul Ooshun $4.99

They say that in the Radioactive Wastelands of the Post-Apocalypse, human life is cheap.
In fact it's around 17 cents apiece.

Here are thirty tokens to populate your world after the bombs fell and the toxins spilled out across the sky. Whether you need some marauding mutants, a rusting cyborg, or a desperate survivor armed with only a crossbow, the Post-Apocalypse packs aim to give every GM a range of colourful characters to populate their dismal future badlands with. If you don't see exactly what you're after here, perhaps one of the other packs contains it:

30 Items Included in Post-Apocalypse: The Girl with the Uranium Heart

Female Bar tender

Bandit Marauder Atomic Nuclear Post-apocalyptic Apocalyptic Gamma Fallout Human Bottle Wine merchant Trader Survivor Apocalypse token modern

Male Cyborg

Bandit Marauder Atomic Nuclear Post-apocalyptic Apocalyptic Gamma Fallout Human Survivor Apocalypse token modern

Anarchist with Rifle

Cyberpunk apocalyptic Apocalypse Post-apocalyptic Post-Apocalypse Fallout Gamma Gasmask Bandit Marauder Human Male Survivor token scifi

Crabman Mutant

apocalyptic Post-apocalyptic Post-Apocalypse Fallout Gamma Human Claw Mutant Male man Crab token scifi

Crazed Mutant with Axe

Fallout apocalyptic apocalypse Post-apocalyptic Post-Apocalypse Gamma Crazy Axe Human Mutant Charging token modern

Cyborg Brawler with Club

apocalypse Post-Apocalypse Thug Survivor Fallout Gamma Marauder Human Club Cyborg token scifi

Cyborg Marauder with Drill Arm

Fallout Gamma Human MArauder apocalypse Post-Apocalypse Bandit Clown Cyborg Hammer Drill token scifi

Cyborg with Hi-Tech Assault Rifle

Hi-Tech Plasma Rifle Male Human apocalyptic Post-apocalyptic Post-Apocalypse Falllout Gamma Cyborg token scifi

Cyborg Prospector

Fallout Gamma Survivor Post-apocalyptic Apocalyptic Post-Apocalypse Male HUman CYborg Miner Axe Pickaxe token scifi

Survivor with Hi-Tech Rifle

Post-apocalyptic Post-Apocalypse Backpack Marauder Bandit Mutant Atomic Gamma Fallout Woman Futuristic Tech Cyborg Human Female Rifle Weapon Reactor Nuclear Survior Apocalyptic Apocalypse token scifi

Deadly Cyborg

Human Male Apocalyptic Apocalypse Survivor Mutant Atomic Nuclear Gamma Knife Decapitate Thug Bandit Marauder Post-Apocalyptic Post-apocalypse Crazy Fallout Cyborg token scifi

Riot Shield Survivor

male Human Looter Marauder Shield Thug Survivor post-apocalyptic Apocalyptic Post-Apocalypse Apocalypse Gamma token scifi

Female Bounty Hunter

Post-apocalypitc apocalyptic post-apocalypse apocalypse nuclear atomic gama wasteland Mutant Marauder Survivor human Female Cyborg Hunter Bounty token scifi

Hook Hands Cyborg

Nuclear Atomic Gamma bandit Marauder Apocalypse Apocalyptic Post-Apocalypse Human Cyborg Survivor Fallout token scifi

Kid With Pistol

Nuclear Atomic Marauder Bandit Survivor Post-Apocalyptic Post-Apocalypse Gamma Apocaylpse hat male Human Pistol Kid Fallout token scifi

Bandaged Cyborg with Pistol

Fallout male Human Mutant Marauder Bandit Gamma Nucelar Radiation Survivor bandaged bandages Cyborg token scifi

Mutant in Trenchcoat

Marauder Bandit Survivor Radiation Nucelar Atomic Human Coat Gloves Trader bandit Gamma Fallout post-apocalypse Mutant token scifi

Survivor with Tesla Sword

Fallout Gamma human male steampunk Survivor Electricity Electric Lightning Sword Tesla token scifi

Cyborg with Minigun

male Human marauder Bandit apocalypse post-apocalypse Gamma fallout survivor cyborg mutant cannon minigun Heavy-weapons Weapons Heavy token scifi

Mutant with Axe

Post-Apocalyptic apocalyptic Apocalypse Post-Apocalypse Atomic Ax Fireaxe Male Human Gamma Fallout Marauder Ugly Bald Axe Killer Mutant token scifi

Survivor with Minigun

apocalyptic Post-apocalyptic apocalypse Post-Apocalypse Marauder bandit Gamma Fallout Human Male Survivor minigun Eyepatch token scifi

Brute with Spear

Tribal Mutant Gamma Marauder Mask Human male Fallout bandit thug brute Spear Tattooes Tattoo token scifi

Mutant with SMG

bandit Marauder Nuclear Radioactive Atomic Mutie Fallout Gamma Apocalypse post-apocalyptic Post-apocalypse Mutant SMG Gun Sub-Machine token scifi

Shotgun Survivor

Gamma Fallout Bandit Marauder Rifle Gun Apocalypse post-Apocalypse Shotgun Human Survivor token scifi

Twin SMG survivor

apocalyptic Post-apocalyptic Post-Apocalypse apocalypse human male mask Nuclear Guns Survivor Gamma token scifi

Crossbow Survivor

Fallout fallout gamma goggles hook cyborg mutant Post-apocalyptic Post-Apocalypse human male apocalypse token scifi

Flamerthrower Survivor

Flamethrower apocalyptic apocalypse Post-apocalyptic Post-Apocalypse atomic nuclear gamma fallout marauder mutant male survivor token scifi

Homebrew Rifle Survivor

atomic nuclear Radiation Gamma Fallout Post-apocalyptic Post-Apocalypse survivor male mask human Bandit Marauder Scavenger token scifi

Rifle Survivor

male robber armed thug marauder modern gun Rifle fallout Fallout Gamma gamma survivor human mutant post-apocalypse post-apocalyptic token scifi

Sniper Survivor

Gamma Gamma Fallout modern Post-apocalyptic apocalyptic apocalypse Post-Apocalypse post Survivor mask Gasmask rifle gun bfg sniper human Female token scifi

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