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Creatures of the Deep

Author: David North $4.99

Creatures of the Deep offers 20 new creature tokens to take your underwater campaign to the dangerous depths of the world.

20 Items Included in Creatures of the Deep


frogfolk bullywug aquatic

Coral Drake

coral drake dragon

Deep Scion

scion deep aquatic


dolphin beast aquatic

Eel Hound

hound eel fey

Giant Crocodile

crocodile beast giant

Giant Octopus

octopus aquatic giant

Giant Sea Horse

sea horse giant

Krake Spawn

krake monstrosity spawn

Kraken Priest

aquatic kraken priest

Kuo Toa Archpriest

archpriest toa kuo

Kuo Toa Whip

toa kuo whip


lacedon ghoul aquatic


merfolk aquatic humanoid


merfolk aquatic humanoid


morkoth aberration aquatic

Sahuagin Priestess

sahuagin priestess aquatic


sahuagin aquatic humanoid

Sea Spawn

aquatic spawn sea

Swarm Of Quippers

quippers swarm beast

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