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Roll20 Marketplace Product

The Wrecked Freighter

Author: Miska’s Maps

This art will be available in the Art Library of all your games. Can include tokens, figures, maps, token borders, or portraits.

Price: $4.99

This space wreck has two decks and has gotten some serious damage. The cause of this might be a pirate attack or micro-meteorites. The lower deck has the cargo hold and a small workshop. The crew quarters, engine room, mess, and bridge are on the upper deck. One of the escape pods is still attached, and the ship might have some pressurized compartments. This could mean that there might be some salvage of value or survivors still on board.


This map has 9 variants, all with gridded and gridless versions and PNG tiles without backgrounds.


Cargo deck, propped
Cargo deck, propped, neutral light
Cargo deck, unpropped
Cargo deck, unpropped, neutral light
Crew deck, propped
Crew deck, propped, neutral light
Crew deck, unpropped
Crew deck, unpropped, neutral light

Resolution and Scale

Resolution: 140 pixels per square
Grid dimensions: 32x44
Recommended Scale: 5 ft. or 1.5 m/yd per square
File types: JPG, PDF

9 Items Included in The Wrecked Freighter


spaceship deckplan propped


spaceship deckplan propped


space spaceship unpropped


space spaceship unpropped


spaceship deckplan propped


spaceship deckplan propped


spaceship deckplan unpropped


spaceship deckplan unpropped


space spaceship deckplan

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