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Knights & Solders Pack #1 -Level20Studios

Author: Jameson Scott

This art will be available in the Art Library of all your games. Can include tokens, figures, maps, token borders, or portraits.

Price: $5.99

12X Unique Military Tokens in 3 different color schemes for a total of 25 Tokens! A great addition to any game!

2X 4K battle-maps in grided and non-grided formats! Large Keep with separate prison cells!

Token Pack Included in Storms of Kandari Vol.1 - Legend of Winslow Gale to be released Jan/2024

Storms of Kandari
(Official Content)

Ages come and ages go, leaving naught but legends and graveyards in their wake. The Fifth Age, yet unnamed as is the way of ages, sees an unsteady peace fall over the nine provinces. However old feuds and prejudices run deep throughout the divided continent of Kandari. The thirteen Gods take mortal form and walk the land, the only explanation for such bold actions is they are afraid of something. . but what?

Unseen by the leaders of the nine great kingdoms, a dark Shadow Rises in the depths of the Direwood rain forests..

Discover the epic fantasy setting of Kandari and her nine expansive and diverse provinces. The multi-module series will see you and your party uncover ancient pirate legends, rediscover advanced weapons from a lost age, brave the land of the savage yet honorable minotaur clans, wrestle power away from the thieves guilds who hold the Golden City in their greedy palms, assist the deadly ranger troll assassins known as the Direbane or take to the sea and air in one of the dozens of sea destroyers or steampunk airships in defense of the forged lands and their ancient dwarven ruler, King Raehad Daegeroth.

These amazing adventures and much more await you and your party. Do you dare to walk these lands?

Level 20 Studios has dedicated thousands of hours to ensure we bring you the most diverse, immersive and complete fantasy setting possible. Fantasy, horror, steampunk, political, gorilla warfare, cloak and dagger, sea to sea combat, air to air combat, sea to air combat, sea to land combat, warforged titans and even a clockwork mech-ladon!

Trust us when we say this campaign module series has something for everyone!

But that's not all. Included in each module are original monsters complete with original artwork, hundreds of flushed out NPC’s with detailed back stories and HD portraits, scene illustrations and dozens of magic items complete with full detail handouts and images.

The world of Kandari of course wouldn't be complete without its own Adventurer’s Guide! This full color detailed overview of this fantastic world includes a full history of the continent, detailed breakdown of Kandari’s custom races and backgrounds, and a Navigator's Guide to walk you through the rules of ship to ship combat. . or airship to ship or dragon to air ship or ship to dragon or tower to. . well you get the point. The Adventurer's guide also gives you a rule breakdown for the mini games you will find within brothels, taverns and thieves guilds! Let your players attempt to take the Pedros Boxing Federation Title, beat Deitric Silver song in a game of daggers for a purse of gold, win a powerful longshot rifle in a game of dice or play with their party and npc’s in a game of cards to gain valuable intel.

We could go on, perhaps mention the bridge city of Falinos or the steampowered city of Egnormish. One might bring up the lawful yet evil order of knights known only as the Order of the Black Lily. What about the ancient wizard Yahmontoel and his constant meddling with time? No we won’t mention that.. because if one were to get a hold of that time device. .

Best leave it at that! Please friends, step into the world of Dharamon, travel the continent of Kandari. Those who call this world home need you!

So grab your pack and let's get going.

Who is Level 20 Studios?
Featuring writers, artists, creators and game engineers from America, Australia, Brazil, Canada and Indonesia! Level 20 prides itself on creating diverse, detailed imaginative and immersive content that provides endless adventuring possibilities.
Founded by Jameson Scott and staffed by the Kandari cowboys, Level 20 Studios is sure to have what you need for your next great campaign.

Jamie Scheffelmaier
(Jameson Scott)
Creative Director

Nico Ciambra
Jeremy Newcomer
Kyle DaVinci
Token Artist
Wayne Cook
Joe Boatman
Script Editor

Inggit Awaliyah

The members of Level 20 Studios each have experience in multiple parts of tabletop gameplay and design. Each member will have a hand in all multiple aspects of released products from art design to lore and mechanics.
Level 20 Studios will be focused on providing digital tabletop game content. These content packs include but are not limited to, token art, maps, magic items, one-shot adventures, single volume campaigns, and multi-volume campaigns. The target mark is digital marketplaces that specialize in this type of content.
Level 20 Studios retains ownership of all intellectual property rights of any kind related to content created specifically for Studios. We reserve all rights that are not expressly granted to you under this Agreement or by law. All rights reserved. You may not duplicate, copy, or reuse any portion of the content or visual design elements without express written permission from Level 20 Studios.

i One or more items in this set are licensed only for use in Roll20 and cannot be downloaded for use in other software.

26 Items Included in Knights & Solders Pack #1 -Level20Studios

0-Faction Banner

banner flag pennant

Blue Archer 1

archer crossbow guard

Blue Archer 2

archer crossbow guard

Blue Axe 1

soldier knight guard

Blue Axe 2

soldier knight guard

Blue Hammer 1

soldier knight paladin

Blue Knight

soldier knight fighter

Blue Mounted 1

knight horse lance

Blue Paladin

knight cleric paladin

Blue Spear 1

soldier guard footmen

Blue Sword & Shield 1

soldier knight guard

Blue Sword & Shield 2

soldier knight guard

Blue Sword & Shield 3

soldier knight fighter

Red Axe 1

soldier knight guard

Red Axe 2

soldier infantry footman

Red Spear 1

guard infantry footman

Red Sword & Shield 1

soldier knight fighter

Red Sword & Shield 2

soldier knight guard

Steel Archer

archer crossbow guard

Steel Lance

soldier knight lance

Steel Mounted

knight lance calvary

Yellow Axe 1

soldier axe guard

Yellow Spear 1

soldier spear guard

Yellow Sword & Shield 1

knight fighter guard

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