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Game Glam: Portrait Frames 3

Author: Gabriel Pickard $4.99 USD

50 Round portrait frames plus a hand full of generic frames, all sized at 420px to a side to allow for clean resizing. Great for fancy character portraits. Ideally you're able to cut and paste your favorite circular pictures in your favorite art program in order to use these frames. Set includes frames suitable for both player and non-player characters.

55 Items Included in Game Glam: Portrait Frames 3

GGFR3 Frame 1 Mercenary

swordsman evil mercenary

GGFR3 Frame 10 Orc Maul

orc hammer warrior

GGFR3 Frame 11 Astrologer

seer sorcerer wizard

GGFR3 Frame 12 Scribe

writer scribe bard

GGFR3 Frame 13 Spy Master

rouge spy theif

GGFR3 Frame 14 Primative Caster

goblin shaman wizard

GGFR3 Frame 15 Death Priest

preist death cleric

GGFR3 Frame 16 Warlock

magician witch warlock

GGFR3 Frame 17 High Druid

druid elf wizard

GGFR3 Frame 18 Caveman

stoneage tribal cave

GGFR3 Frame 19 Coachman

teamster coach driver

GGFR3 Frame 2 Ogre Magician

asian ogre mage

GGFR3 Frame 20 Heavy Foot Soldier

veteran knight soldier

GGFR3 Frame 21 Arcane Magister

arcane wizard mage

GGFR3 Frame 22 Chinton King

bug insect druid

GGFR3 Frame 23 Ice Man

cold ice elemental

GGFR3 Frame 24 Mugger

mugger thug bandit

GGFR3 Frame 25 Fire Giant

giant warrior fire

GGFR3 Frame 26 Nomad Warrior

wasteland warrior soldier

GGFR3 Frame 27 Ax Man

evil orc axe

GGFR3 Frame 28 Stone Brute

brute fighter warrior

GGFR3 Frame 29 Cultist Soldier

cultist warrior desert

GGFR3 Frame 3 Plains Warrior

cavilier horseman warrior

GGFR3 Frame 30 Enlisted Soldier

highland fighter soldier

GGFR3 Frame 31 Low Nobility

solider noble warrior

GGFR3 Frame 32 Gobo Chopper

goblin orc warrior

GGFR3 Frame 33 Gladiator

gladiator fighter warrior

GGFR3 Frame 34 Golden Guardian

paladin defender warrior

GGFR3 Frame 35 Brass Dragon Cultist

clutist dragon priest

GGFR3 Frame 36 Golden Staff Bearer

healer cleric priest

GGFR3 Frame 37 Sell Sword

mercenary fighter warrior

GGFR3 Frame 38 Assasain

assasian rouge thief

GGFR3 Frame 39 Knight Errant

fighter knight soldier

GGFR3 Frame 4 Ocean Monk

ocean monk warrior

GGFR3 Frame 40 Brutal Bandit

evil bandit fighter

GGFR3 Frame 41 Troubadour

entertainer musician bard

GGFR3 Frame 42 Spell Sword

spell sword wizard

GGFR3 Frame 43 Halfing Explorer

halfing farmer thief

GGFR3 Frame 44 Desert Warrior

fighter warrior desert

GGFR3 Frame 45 Desert King

pharoh king desert

GGFR3 Frame 46 Knife Man

rouge thief bandit

GGFR3 Frame 47 Golden Paladin

swordsman paladin knight

GGFR3 Frame 48 Steampunk Automata

automata golem steam

GGFR3 Frame 49 Steampunk Inventor

tinkerer steam gnome

GGFR3 Frame 5 Dark Swordsman

swordsman fighter ranger

GGFR3 Frame 50 Steampunk Master

master steampunk gnome

GGFR3 Frame 6 Armored Orc

orc fighter warrior

GGFR3 Frame 7 Dwarvain Paladin

paladin fighter dwarf

GGFR3 Frame 8 Clan Warrior

clan highland fighter

GGFR3 Frame 9 Animate Object

mimic shapeshifter monster

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