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Save Vs. Cave Winter Hall

Author: Gabriel Pickard $4.99 USD

Seven large sections (30x30 squares) eight smaller sections (15x15) of a frozen northern fortress, usable by themselves for fit together to form a sprawling complex. Great for when you need to seek shelter from the cold, only to ask the question "what is the accursed place".

99 Items Included in Save Vs. Cave Winter Hall

SVCWH Alpha Tunnel Corner 1 5x5

north hallway stone

SVCWH Alpha Tunnel Corner 2 5x5

passage winter north

SVCWH Alpha Tunnel Corner 3 5x5

passage cold winter

SVCWH Alpha Tunnel Corner 4 5x5

passage norse winter

SVCWH Alpha Tunnel End 1 2x4

dwarves dead end hallway

SVCWH Alpha Tunnel End 2 4x2

tunnels dead end frozen

SVCWH Alpha Tunnel End 3 4x2

tunnels dead end winter

SVCWH Alpha Tunnel End 4 2x4

tunnels dead end northern

SVCWH Alpha Tunnel Junction 1 5x6

passage intersection winter

SVCWH Alpha Tunnel Junction 2 6x6

intersection winter hallway

SVCWH Alpha Tunnel Junction 3 6x5

dwarven intersection hallway

SVCWH Alpha Tunnel Junction 4 6x5

hall intersection viking

SVCWH Alpha Tunnel Junction 5 5x6

intersection winter hallway

SVCWH Alpha Tunnel Straight 1 4x6

frostbitten tunnels stone

SVCWH Alpha Tunnel Straight 2 6x4

icy tunnels winter

SVCWH Alpha Tunnel Straight 3 1x4

cold viking hallway

SVCWH Alpha Tunnel Straight 4 4x1

danish passage stone

SVCWH Alpha Tunnel Straight 5 4x2

scandinavian northern hallway

SVCWH Alpha Tunnel Straight 6 2x4

tunnels norse castle

SVCWH Frozen Basin 1 1x1

well spring ice

SVCWH Frozen Basin 2 3x1

icy well spring

SVCWH Frozen Basin 3 2x2

cold winter pool

SVCWH Frozen Basin 4 2x1

well frost fountain

SVCWH Frozen Basin 5 2x2

well ice pool

SVCWH Frozen Cargo 1 1x1

icy freight crate

SVCWH Frozen Cargo 2 1x1

goods winter supplies

SVCWH Frozen Cargo 3 2x2

crates arctic supplies

SVCWH Frozen Cargo 4 1x1

icy crates supplies

SVCWH Frozen Cargo 5 1x2

kegs winter supplies

SVCWH Frozen Cargo 6 1x1

mead winter barrel

SVCWH Frozen Cargo 7 1x1

grog viking barrel

SVCWH Frozen Cargo 8 1x1

wine winter barrel

SVCWH Frozen Furniture 1 Bed 1x2

icy cot single

SVCWH Frozen Furniture 10 Crate 1x1

winter table box

SVCWH Frozen Furniture 11 Chest 1x1

lockbox trunk winter

SVCWH Frozen Furniture 12 Dresser 2x1

cupboard storage cabinet

SVCWH Frozen Furniture 2 Bed 1x2

fur winter double

SVCWH Frozen Furniture 3 Table 5x1

feast winter board

SVCWH Frozen Furniture 4 Bench 1x2

seating hall winter

SVCWH Frozen Furniture 5 Chair 1x1

fur seat winter

SVCWH Frozen Furniture 6 Table 1x1

slab winter pedestal

SVCWH Frozen Furniture 7 Table 2x1

surface dining winter

SVCWH Frozen Furniture 8 Table 1x3

sideboard banquet winter

SVCWH Frozen Furniture 9 Table 1x2

work winter table

SVCWH Large Hall Section 1 30x30

northern fortress keep

SVCWH Large Hall Section 2 30x30

hall frozen castle

SVCWH Large Hall Section 3 30x30

fell fort winter

SVCWH Large Hall Section 4 30x30

fortification viking deep

SVCWH Large Hall Section 5 30x30

dwarves underground complex

SVCWH Large Hall Section 6 30x30

norse winter castle

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