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Elemental's Creature Collection 021

Author: Elemental Flame

This art will be available in the Art Library of all your games. Can include tokens, figures, maps, token borders, or portraits.

Price: $4.99

This creature collection features numerous oddball creatures. Some resemble familiar creatures, some do not. Some you may wonder how they came to exist. Don't trouble yourself too much over it. A wizard did it.

Sizing. These tokens are appropriately sized for Roll20 with each gaming square representing a 5ft. sq. area and are constructed to fit to the grid so resizing does not distort the token. Unless stated otherwise in the token name, the default size is 1x1. When you pull the pieces onto your VTT these will be sized as I've marked them to make things easier for you! Also worth noting, many of my tokens are high enough definition to be resized several times before the the quality drops off.

Recurring Characters. Is there a particular oddity in this set you'd like to see more of? Perhaps other poses or other color variations? Feel free to reach out to me on Twitter or my sales inquiry email and I can incorporate them into a future set.

99 Items Included in Elemental's Creature Collection 021

Bubble Bear 0001 2x2

bear bubbles soap

Cat Kitten 0007

cat kitty colorful

Cat Kitten 0008

cat kitty colorful

Cat Kitten 0009

red rainbow panda

Cat Kitten 0010

young feline kitten

Companion Cutie 0001

monster furry buddy

Disembodied Head 0002

head decapitated severed

Disembodied Head 0003

head decapitated severed

Disembodied Head 0004

head decapitated severed

Eye Plant 0001

eye see optic

Eye Plant 0002

eye see optic

Fish Flying 0001

flying aquatic fish

Fish Flying 0001

large aerial variant

Giraffe Flying 0001

wings tiny giraffe

Golem Lava 0001 2x2

magma construct golem

Golem Lava 0001 2x2

rock stone lava

Golem Peanut Butter 0001 2x2

construct butter peanut

Golem Pizza 0001 2x2

golem cheese pizza

Grinning Cat 0001

invisible fae cheshire

Grinning Cat 0002

invisible fae cheshire

Grinning Cat 0003

invisible fae cheshire

Grinning Cat 0004

invisible fae cheshire

Hollyphant 0001

celestial companion elephant

Hollyphant Mastodon 0001 3x3

celestial mammoth shifted

Hydrasnake 0001

snake hydra three-headed

Lion Spotted 0001 2x2

lion spots spotted

Lion Winged 0001 2x2

albino lion mane

Monkey Flying 0001

wizard monkey oz

Ooze 0001

ooze slime pudding

Owlbear Flying 0001

experiment cute owlbear

Panda Bee 0001

bee honey panda

Panda Bee 0002

bee honey panda

Pig Flying 0001

fly pig piglet

Pony Pegasus 0001

horse pony pegasus

Pseudodragon 0002

familiar tiny pseudodragon

Rat 0007

rat familiar rodent

Severed Hand 0001

claw creeping thing

Severed Hand 0002

claw creeping thing

Snake Flying 0001

flight reptile slither

Snake Flying 0002

flying winged snake

Tentacle Monster 0001

tentacles carnivorous nightmarish

Tressym 0006

flying cat tressym

Tressym 0007

flying cat tressym

Tressym 0008

flying cat tressym

Tressym 0009

flying cat tressym

Tressym 0010

flying cat tressym

Troll Amalgamation 0001 2x2

troll regenerate amalgamation

Troll Mutate 0001 2x2

monstrous mutated misshapen

Turtle Flying 0001

turtle reptile tortoise

Unseen Servant 0001

magic servant butler

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