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Creatures of the Jungle Set 1

Author: David North $4.99 USD

Creatures of the Jungle Set 1 offers 20 creature tokens to stalk and wow your players as they traverse through the deadly jungle in your RPG campaign.

20 Items Included in Creatures of the Jungle Set 1


birdfolk aarakocra humanoid


basilisk monstrosity monster


chwinga spirit elemental

Death Toadfolk

toadfolk aberration death

Firenewt Warlock

firenewt jungle warlock

Firenewt Warrior

firenewt jungle warrior

Grey Toadfolk

toadfolk aberration grey


monstrosity medusa jungle


pterafolk monstrosity jungle

Snakefolk Broodguard

broodguard snakefolk jungle

Snakefolk Mind Whisperer

whisperer snakefolk mind

Snakefolk Nightmare Speaker

snakefolk speaker nightmare

Snakefolk Pit Master

snakefolk master pit

Snakefolk Warlord

snakefolk shapechanger warlord


stirge beast monster

Tabaxi Hunter

tabaxi scout ranger

Tabaxi Minstrel

tabaxi jungle bard


thorny jungle plant

Vegepygmy Chief

vegepygmy chief plant


moldies vegepygmy plant

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