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Draconic Pack 4

Author: Elcio Trombini $5.49

13 Species of descendant dragons of the god Bahamut.

17 Items Included in Draconic Pack 4

Adamantine Dragon - Gleaming

adaman metallic beast dragon

Adamantine Dragon

adaman metallic beast dragon

Brass Dragon - Gleaming

metallic beast brass dragon

Brass Dragon

metallic beast brass dragon

Bronze Dragon

metallic bronze beast dragon

Copper Dragon

metallic copper beast dragon

Electrum Dragon

electrum metallic beast dragon

Golden Dragon

metallic beast gold dragon

Golden Dragon - Gleaming

metallic beast gold dragon

Iron Dragon

metallic beast iron steel dragon

Mercury Dragon

metallic mercury beast dragon

Mithrill Dragon - Gleaming

metallic mithril beast dragon

Mithrill Dragon

metallic mithril beast dragon

Silver Dragon

metallic silver dragon

Steel Dragon

metallic beast steel dragon

Tin Dragon

metallic tin dragon

Zync Dragon

zync metallic dragon

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