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Titans Pack

Author: Elcio Trombini $4.99

This pack contains tokens of greater titans: Ancient giants with divine powers.

Any feedback is welcome:

21 Items Included in Titans Pack


asteria goddess comet titan sky star giant

Metis - Counselor of the gods

neith goddess mind

Nammu - Inquisitor of the gods

creator mesopotamia nemesis deep sea

Nammu - hybrid form

creator nammu mesopotamia nemesis goddess deep sea

Nereus - The Ancient Sea God

abzu snake reptile

Pontus - The Deep sea Minister

chancellor pontus greek

Atlas - Titan of Tolerance

upelluri dreamer atlas giant

Atlas - The Orb Bearer

upelluri atlas titan

Epimetheus - Titan of Distraction

epimetheus titan giant

Helios - Titan of the Sun

sol invicitus helios solar

Marutuk - Titan of Dare

marduk menoetius anger

Marutuk - Master of Maruts

marduk marutuk menoetius dare titan god

Titan, Pallas 01

pallas warcraft mythology greek titan god giant warrior

Titan, Pallas 02

pallas warcraft god giant

Titan, Perses 01

perses destruction giant

Titan, Perses 02

perses destruction mythology were greek god wolf giant

Prometheus - Titan of Knowledge

pkharmat titan giant

Prometheus - The Fire-Bringer

pkharmat prometheus knowledge titan giant

Styx - Goddess of Oblivon

oblivion hate oath titan underground river

Typhon, material form

typhon hurricane storm thunder god volcano monster giant

Typhon, storm form

typhon hurricane thunder god giant

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