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Tome of Dungeons - Map Pack

Author: Meditating Munky

This art will be available in the Art Library of all your games. Can include tokens, figures, maps, token borders, or portraits.

Price: $19.99

Tome of Dungeons - Map Pack

Want all the Dungeons without the words? No problem! You can get all 36 maps we created for the Tome of Dungeons without the rest of the gibberish our mouther spewed out! From the Sewers of Filth to the Mega Dungeon of Doom, this map pack has enough Dungeons to keep you crawling back for no more!

36 Maps in Total!

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36 Items Included in Tome of Dungeons - Map Pack

Deathmist Vault Entrance 30x40 - VTT

bandit camp waterfall

Deathmist Vault East Wing 34x30 - VTT

bandit dungeon vault

Deathmist Vault West Wing 44x33 - VTT

bandit dungeon prison

D2 - Runestone Henge 36x44 - VTT Phase 1

stonehenge henge runestone

D2 - Runestone Henge 36x44 - VTT Phase 2

stonehenge henge runestone

D2 - Shattered Chapel Dungeon 36x44 - VTT

dungeon vault runic

D3 - Silver Cellars 36x44 - VTT

tavern sewer cellar

D3 - Prison Nest 36x44 - VTT

dungeon prison sewer

D4 - Assault on Hellfist 44x36 - VTT

castle mountain dwarven

D4 - Hellfist Monastery 36x44 - VTT

dungeon temple monastery

D5 - Lost Temple Interior - VTT

pyramid temple ziggurat

D5 - Lost Temple of Lazaar Exterior 36x44 - VTT

pyramid jungle ziggurat

D6 - Temple of Decay 36x44 - VTT

desert dungeon temple

D6 - Belly of the Beast 36x44 - VTT

dungeon bio belly

D7 - Floating Isles of Xune 44x36 - VTT

island sky floating

D7 - Ruined Temple of Zoan 36x44 - VTT

dungeon earth temple

D8 - Eye of the Magi Tower 36x44 - VTT

wizard tower mountain

D8 - Eye of the Magi - Asteroid 36x44 - VTT

space asteroid chain

D9 - The Money Pit 36x44 - VTT

cavern cave flooded

D9 - Undervault 36x44 - VTT

pirate cave flooded

D10 - Frozen Caverns 36x44 - VTT

cave frozen kobold

D10 - The Deep Abyss 36x44 - VTT

giant dragon dungeon

D11 - Ill Omen Mines 36x44 - VTT

camp cave mine

D11 - Quaradissiks Lair 36x44 - 300dpi

dungeon lich hive

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