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Tome of Dungeons - Token Set

Author: Meditating Munky

This art will be available in the Art Library of all your games. Can include tokens, figures, maps, token borders, or portraits.

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Tome of Dungeons - Token Set

You need the Mega Pack of all of the Tokens we created for the Tome of Dungeons! This gigantic mega-pack of Tokens has everything you need from our new creatures from the Notheldur to the Spore Abomination all the way to The Butcher, as well as all of the SRD tokens we created from the classic Roper all the way to a our Kobolds and Goblins!

257 Tokens In total!

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257 Items Included in Tome of Dungeons - Token Set

Avatar of Xune and Zoan

earth snake wind

Chronos Lord of Time

mage time lord


undead guard deathguard


dwarf devil demon

Enlightened Yeti

yeti enlightened abdominable

Filth Master Ruuc

warlock rat folk

Frost Dragon

dragon frost adult

Ghost Captain Zia

undead pirate captain


undead king dwarven


shaman dragon lizardfolk

Magus Skylord

mage wizard sorcerer

Mimic Master

master mimic monstrocity


monstrocity aberation notheldur

Phalactery Hivemind

undead lich mind


undead lich mind

Runestone Golem

stone rune golem

The Butcher

undead ogre butcher


devil sand demon


desert sand worm


rogue assassin drow

Chronos Dragon Form

dragon time ancient

Air Elemental - Greater

elemental air wind

Air Elemental

elemental air wind

Ambriel Siegreid

knight female dwarven

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