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Early Modern Vol. 2

Author: Sunset Industries $5.99 USD

Tired of not being able to find that perfect "I barely have the willpower left to till this field and raise all these kids" farmer for your campaigns? Look no more! In this pack you'll find mischievous merchants, evil landlords with fancy hats, sweet princesses, tiny chickens, down-on-their-luck beggars, and others that will bring your sorta-modern but not too fantastical scenarios to life.

Most tokens measure 560x560px, while the children and kneeling beggar are all 280x280 to save space and help make them more usable/resource friendly.

Have an idea for more villagers? Have a request, a question, or comment? Drop me a message here or come find me on Twitter @sunsetndustries!

23 Items Included in Early Modern Vol. 2

Beggar (1)

cadger vagrant kneeling kneel begging beggar vagabond peasant tramp hobo bum npc old elderly male human fantasy token

Beggar (2)

scounger sponger beggar crone poverty poor homeless lady npc old woman blind female human fantasy token


hammerman horseshoer machinest ironsmit locksmith maker shopkeep artisan anvil forger worker smithy farrier smith blacksmith npc merchant wright metal hammer male human fantasy token

Common Boy (1)

laddie minor youngster chap fellow lad schoolboy sprout little youth juvenile son urchin peasant pc boy npc child kid guy servant young male fantasy token

Common Girl (1)

toddler farmgirl capon cockerel banty poultry rooster hen youth daughter chicken peasant pc npc farmer child kid girl bird small young human fantasy token

Common Girl (2)

littlegirl common peasant farm commoner farmer child girl rustic young fantasy token

Common Man

fielder homesteader tenant gardener picker pawn father worker laborer peasant commoner npc farmer peon man male human fantasy token

Hunter (1)

forager falconer huntswoman chaser hare predator rabbit woodsman trapper huntsman npc short small hunter stalker female dwarf human fantasy token

Hunter (2)

pooch mongrel mutt pup hare hunting retriever rabbit hound teen warden girl woman dog female animal fantasy token

Innskeeper (1)

lessor freeholder hotelier hotelkeeper host early squire african innkeeper proprietor owner dreadlocks keeper npc merchant black young male fantasy token modern

Innskeeper (2)

broker host silk african innkeeper proprietor supervisor manager hotel dealer head trader keeper npc merchant dress motel black room boss female fantasy token

Merchant (1)

businessperson pawnbroker marketer wares tradervendor broker factor squire retailer shopkeeper seller dealer merchant male human fantasy token

Merchant 2

towswoman storekeeper marketer middleclass jewelry peddler shopkeeper agent seller dealer lady wife trader npc merchant woman boss female fantasy token

Noble Boy

titled wellborn wealthy fancy rich aristocrat boy npc child kid young noble fantasy token

Noble Girl

patrician imperial uppeclass courtly blueblood lass teen princess lady girl elite young noble fantasy token


peer overlord liege don dad early governor nobility count duke baron prince ruler lord captain royalty king nobleman leader man old elderly male human fantasy token modern


marquess earless century 15th 16ht peer early 17th monarch mom rule noblewoman governess countess duchess princess lady royalty queen noble female human fantasy token modern


revivalist pulpiter reverend parson menacing eclesiastic missionary evangelist clergy minister divine cruel preacher brimstone cleric fire fantasy token


confessor vicar padre rosary confidant friar father praying mystic preacher pc elder holy npc merchant hooded monk cleric male wizard human fantasy token


occupant subject settler voter ordinary regular watcher denizen mundane townsperson person dweller normal resident adventurer npc civilian villager male human fantasy token


vinter vineyard ordinary regular laborer maid common maiden npc farmer villager female human fantasy token

hunter (3)

raccoon drifter skinner nomad game trapper explorer warden npc hunter male ranger fantasy token

hunter (4)

watchkeeper gamekeeper custodian stray pilgrim meanderer trashpanda raccoon vagrant rover traveler vagabond pc npc guardian hunter dog male animal fantasy token

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