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Roll20 Marketplace Product

Boss Monster Token Set 10

Author: David North

This art will be available in the Art Library of all your games. Can include tokens, figures, maps, token borders, or portraits.

List Price: $4.99
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Boss Monster Token Set 10 features 20 big monsters to test the might of players in any RPG campaign.

20 Items Included in Boss Monster Token Set 10


monstrosity anathema snakefolk

Animated Table

table construct animated


creature beast aurochs


zombie undead boneclaw

Centaur Mummy

undead mummy centaur


creature cow beast

Giant Crayfish

giant beast crayfish

Giant Ice Toad

giant ice toad

Giant Lightning Eel

giant lightning eel

Giant Skeleton

giant undead skeleton

Giant Subterranean Lizard

giant lizard subterranean

Kalka Kylla

monstrosity kalka kylla


undead shadow nightwalker

Ooze Master

undead ooze master

Sea Lion

sea lion monstrosity


slug monstrosity tecuziztecatl

Thorn Slinger

plant slinger thorn


monster trapper monstrosity

White Maw

white ooze maw

Yeth Hound

fey hound yeth

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