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Early Modern Vol. 1

Author: Sunset Industries $5.99 USD

"My campaign doesn't have futuristic super soldiers or elven bowmen... why aren't there early modern tokens of tiny little battlefield warriors made just for me? What do, token market?"

What do, indeed!

In this pack you'll find a full range of early modern combat troops that'll be right at home with campaigns set in the 16th, 17th and 18th centuries. Featuring grenadiers, pikemen, musketmen, militia and even armored horsemen you'll have everything you need to do battle.

It's important to note that all tokens (portraits and top down!) are 560x560 pixels, and the portraits come in two variants for both character sheets and easy viewing on the map.

Early modern townspeople, "Uncivilians" (bandits, ruffians and highwaymen!) and more will be coming soon!

If you have a request, a suggestion, a comment, or need a hug you can reach me on twitter @sunsetndustries or by email via

Thanks for reading this wall of text and happy gaming!

34 Items Included in Early Modern Vol. 1


howitzerwarfare culverin falconet fieldgun ballistics ball warfare seige mounted field wheels canon war heavy gun pirate artillery weapon fantasy token

Cuirassier (1)

spotter patrol vanguard advance outrider lookout picket adventurer explorer npc scout spy female human knight fantasy military token

Cuirassier (2)

partisan gallant chevalier roughrider buckaroo calvalryman calvalry equerry gentleman sentry cavalier paladin male human knight fantasy token

Drummer (female)

troupe contingent signalman bagman company unit trooper drummer legion horde pc soldiers combatant army female fantasy military token

Drummer (male)

shako early europe 17th fife contingent 16 unit drummer european uniform legion horde crew lancer medieval male ranger fantasy token modern

Grenadier (female)

musket footslogger marcher infantryman grenade footsoldier flintlock infantry npc female sword soldier fantasy token

Grenadier (male)

guerrilas brigade gendarme battalion plumage softcap musket plum bomb grenade grenadier uniform explosive hat fantasy token

Militia (1)

revolution revolutionary division bess bayonette reserve company corps defense armed cavalry civilian guard rifle brown column male fantasy token

Militia 1-J

curly 1600s revolutionary infantry jacket brown portrait fighter female soldier fantasy character token

Militia 1-R

gilded revolution regular edges border pc npc tokens portrait round gold warrior fantasy token modern

Militia 2-J

contempt expression emotion border angry pc npc male human fantasy token

Militia 2-R

contempt expression emotion border angry pc npc male human fantasy token

Militia 3-J

conscript fresher greenhorn militiaman teen infantry fantasy token

Militia 3-R

musket bust head pc flintlock infantry npc portrait round gold fantasy token

Musketeer-J (female)

crackshot musket roughrider musketeer rifleman buccaneer flintlock cowboy girl pistol woman female fantasy token

Musketeer-J (male)

rifles musket rifleman service fantasy token

Musketeer-R (female)

renaissance warrioress musketwoman musketman crackshot early chevalier third bust combat head sniper horseman npc cavalier hat war portrait female soldier fantasy token modern

Musketeer-R (male)

brownbess coolhair thirds renaissance bess musket gunman bust picture fancy sniper pc npc rifle portrait male human fantasy token

Pikeman (female)

ensign greenhorn musket pikeman musketeer skirmisher shot halberd guard young defender fighter female fantasy token

Pikeman (male)

swaddy serviceman warrier pikeman rifleman spearman rifle male fantasy token

Pikeman Veteran (female)

markswoman deadeye jager halberdier clear skirmisher npc lancer veteran hunter defender pike female shield fantasy token

Pikeman Veteran (male)

conquistador hussar confidant battler pikeman centurion pc npc halberd veteran spike pike spear male fantasy token

Pikeman-J (female)

proctector churl inferior scrapper sepoy pikeman private halberd peon young mercenary spear female knight fantasy token

Pikeman-J (male)

halbedier bearer pikeman standard spearman officer royal veteran guard defender male knight fantasy token

Pikeman-R (female)

calvaryman conquistador mate skirmisher dragoon centurion sniper defender warrior soldier fantasy token

Pikeman-R (male)

calvaryman conquistador mate skirmisher dragoon centurion sniper defender warrior soldier fantasy token


scrapper jagged edges recon cavalry cowboy glass scout armored leather broken portrait light bandit highwayman female fantasy token


scrapper gilded recon cavalry cowboy scout armored leather circle portrait light round gold bandit highwayman female fantasy token

militia (2)

yeoman regulars antebellum civvy minuteman minutemen militiaman regular combatant irregular male ranger human fantasy token

militia (3)

volunteer mercenarytrooper enlisted draftee conscript cadet musketeer infantry gunner rifle gun fighter warrior soldier fantasy token

militia (4)

civilwar insurgent squadron revolution revolt civil anarchist rebel radical war fantasy token

militia (5)

1700s 1800s 1776 tricorne bicorne selectee draftee revolution skirmish musketeer american pc npc enemy scout pistol male human fantasy token

musketeer (1)

legionaire mmarcher musketry musketmen warrioress musketman musketeer grunt pc infantry npc foot army female soldier fantasy military token

musketeer (2)

carabineer artilleryman fusileer meseteer jager ensign musketman gunman sniper gunner sharpshooter male fantasy token

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