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Barren Wastes Map Pack

Author: Dan DiPietro $5.99

This battle-scarred desert region is broken and blasted. In some places, the ground has fused into jagged glass. In others, it is cracked, burned and gouged with sharp stones jutting out. In the Barren Wastes Map Pack, there is little safety from the harsh effects of an unrelenting sun and the arcane.

The Barren Wastes Map Pack comes with 16 unique maps and 4 templates. Maps consist of badlands, desolate deserts, bogs wastelands, castle walls and a colorful marketplace. These maps are a must have for desert adventures where your PCs are traveling deep in to no-man’s-land.

20 Items Included in Barren Wastes Map Pack

Badlands 52x24

desolate barren desert

Wall 52x24

fort castle tower

Wall 52x24

desolate fort desert

Bog 52x52

mud marsh swamp

Marsh 52x52

plains bog field

Marsh 52x52

bog stream swamp

River 52x52

plains field stream

Battleground 52x52

badlands plains barren

Desert 52x52

wastes badlands barren

Path 52x52

highway road desert

Market 52x52

bazaar town desert

Overlook 52x52

grassland barren desert

Castle 52x52

depot trash storage

Wall 52x52

castle gate desert

Lake 24x52

bog mud swamp

Cliffs 52x52

badlands desolate plains

Path 52x52

bog road swamp

Stream 52x52

bog mud river

Pond 52x52

lake water marsh

River 52x24

stream water swamp

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