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Roll20 Marketplace Product

Fantasy Token Pack - Undead #01

Author: Grim Press

This art will be available in the Art Library of all your games. Can include tokens, figures, maps, token borders, or portraits.

Price: $4.99

This pack contains a total of 100 individual tokens.
Skeletons, Mummies, Vampires, Zombies, Liches, Spirits, Ghost, Ghouls, and much more!

Enjoying these Tokens? Find the entire Fantasy Token collection on PATREON | GRIM PRESS

100 Items Included in Fantasy Token Pack - Undead #01

Lich Fanatical Mage

monster undead lich

Lich Ghostly Grimace

monster ice lich

Lich Querilous Queen

undead lich mummy

Lich Rogue Assassin

undead lich mummy

Lich Scurvy Pirate

undead lich mummy

Lich Tentacled Outsider

undead shadow specter

Mummy Metal Masked

undead mummy wrapping

Mummy Poorly Preserved

undead cloaked skeleton

Mummy Skeletal Seeker

undead skeleton lich

Shadow Clandestinely Cloaked

undead ghost shadow

Shadow Dark Archer

undead ghost shadow

Shadow Glowing Eyes

undead shadow shade

Shadow Shrouded Glow

undead ghost shadow

Shadow Wispy Tendrils

undead shadow shade

Skeletal Mummy Guardian

undead lich mummy

Skeletal Spiky Construct

caster skeleton demonic

Skeletal Steed Warhorse

undead horse warhorse

Skeleton Astral Light

undead skeleton eldritch

Skeleton Black Wizard

undead skeleton lich

Skeleton Chitinous Hide

undead wraith wight

Skeleton Cloaked Watcher

mage undead skeleton

Skeleton Eldritch Caster

undead caster skeleton

Skeleton Ever Burning

undead skeleton flamming

Skeleton Fancy Armor

undead skeleton death knight

Skeleton Helmed Warlord

warrior undead death knight

Skeleton Lost Pilgrim

undead skeleton lich

Skeleton Monstrous Warrior

undead skeleton lich

Skeleton Nature Druid

undead druid skeleton

Skeleton Noble Finery

mage undead skeleton

Skull Astral Scrying

undead skeleton floating skull

Skull Bejeweled Riches

undead skull floating skull

Skull Burning Brightly

fire undead floating skull

Skull Burning Madly

skull flaming floating skull

Skull Floating Jeweled

demilich jewels floating skull

Skull Poisonous Cloud

skull poison floating skull

Skull Shrine Illuminated

skeleton worship shrine

Skull Slow Burning

undead skull flaming

Specter Blasting Gaze

undead wraith revenant

Specter Hooded Haunt

undead cloaked hooded

Specter Hovering Harbinger

undead death specter

Specter Monstrous Mourner

undead ghost specter

Undead Cyborg Watcher

undead caster revenant

Vampire Blood Glass

undead vampire blood drinker

Vampire Charming Prince

noble vampire charming

Vampire Clan Elder

undead vampire death

Vampire Enraged Gouger

undead spawn vampire

Vampire Necrotic Nemesis

undead leader vampire

Vampire Noble Spare

blood undead vampire

Vampire Novice Spawn

undead spawn vampire

Wisp Blue Swirl

ghost spirit ethereal

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