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Street People Vol. 2

Author: Sunset Industries $5.99 USD

You're walking down a cold rainy street, listening to the soft pitter-patter of pedestrians all around you. A giant throws up his hands across the street, ranting and raving about the Illuminati and the dangers of cutting sandwiches into triangles, while a few out-of-place prep school kids loiter near a cross walk smoking lemon-cake flavored e-cigs.

A dwarven police lieutenant eyes them while gnawing on his cigar - then he turns his eye to you. Not good!

In this pack you'll find 23 different orks, trolls, elves, dwarves and even an Oni that can be added into your games as background, contacts, or even be used as PCs, if you like!

As of this pack we've got 104 characters for campaigns total, and I'm super excited to have taken it this far ^^

If you want a commission, have a request, a suggestion, a comment, or need a hug, you can reach me on twitter @sunsetndustries or by email via (Yes, that's a real website, and it's mine!) I always enjoy hearing from people so don't be shy!

Thanks for reading this wall of text, and I'm honored to have my little people play a part in so many games!

25 Items Included in Street People Vol. 2

01 Advertising Troll

goblinized ingentis advertising sandwich ad horn store shadowrun shop weapons ork guns troll cyberpunk npc goblin horns large board male fantasy token

02 Oni Businessman

urbanfantasy capitalist venture casual changling clean shapeshifter banker changeling japanese oni asian suit demon businessman npc devil business male fantasy token

03 Dwarf Sheriff

wildwest littlepeople jefe major noir private sheriff urban beard npc cowboy western hat short wild futuristic male dwarf human fantasy token modern

04 Homeless Guy (lit)

backpacker camper neon hacker bum homeless backpack pack npc hat street male human fantasy token

05 Regular Girl 1

trendy high-end model rep snitch contact hipster rich fashion socialite ork npc orc female fantasy token

06 Regular Girl 3

vender pusher lieutenant solo chick biker lookout peddler ganger dealer security girl pink street wild elvish hair elven woman punk female elf mage fantasy token

07 Businessperson 4

heels pumps tigerlady high-end implant transhuman datajack businesswoman wealthy augmented rich clothing suit dress female dwarf fantasy token

08 Ghoul 1

leprosy pariah hmhvv organlegger leper cannibal mutation infected radiation mutant ghoul fantasy token

09 Teen Girl 1

schoolboy prosthesis gearedup cybereyes skirt augmented shoes teen schoolgirl school child kid dress pink female fantasy token

10 Regular Guy 4

blogger journalist cameraman millenial drew media inspector camera detective investigator reporter businessman elven male fantasy token

11 Teen Girl 2

hiphop cans spraycan spraypaint orc.npc shutter shades graffiti hipster sunglasses artist ork street gold punk female fantasy token

12 Teen Boy 1

preppie teens tween implants cybernetic sweater prep tie uniform teen teenager kids boy jacket cyborg school kid elven fantasy token

13 Beat Cop 1

cadetdeputy major lieutenant private sergeant taser force armed enforcer officer captain cop security elven police female elf soldier weapon fantasy token

14 Beat Cop 3

cybrog cybernetic corporate riot beat augmented shadowrun urban cyborg ork troll cyberpunk cop security street gear heavy police gun male fantasy scifi token

15 Businessperson 2

knifeear keeb nobilis businesswear businesscasual formal skirt immortal banshee dryad pc player jacket suit npc fairy elvish elven office female elf human fantasy token

16 Businessperson 3

knife-ear elvin synthetic cyberpet knifeear backalley worker cook npc alley cat elvish pet male elf fantasy token

17 Teen Boy 2

enhanced tween privileged implant cybernetic africanamerican stripe posh tie rich teen boy ork npc child kid black male fantasy token

18 Regular Girl 2

ordinary regular alone extra person dweller loner walking crowd urban npc street city sidewalk female dwarf human fantasy token

19 Regular Girl 4

gits trainers jogger african shell fashion crowd enforcer urban ork npc street teeth black orc heavy ghost female fantasy token

20 Teen Boy 3

tween cap hood teen walking baseball boy ork npc child kid hat orc small young male fantasy token

21 Ghoul 2

present hand fallout future samurai ghoul npc scavenger shadow ninja fantasy character token modern

22 Regular Girl 5

raver dreadlock implant dreads technomancer cyber tech ghost female elf human fantasy token

23 Baffled Ork Conspiracy Theorist

deusex triangles illuminati ufos thetruthisoutthere theorist implants conspiracy insane aliens crazy ork troll npc secrets giant male fantasy token

alt-02 Businessperson

zaibatsu demihuman bluedevil rep company corporate horn supernatural yakuza japanese oni suit ork troll demon businessman blue devil fantasy token

alt-04 Homeless Guy

organlegger snitch lookout fixer drifter contact technician beard homeless trader street veteran male human fantasy token

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