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Roll20 Marketplace Product

Street People Vol. 1

Author: Sunset Industries

This art will be available in the Art Library of all your games. Can include tokens, figures, maps, token borders, or portraits.

Price: $5.99

Tired of having your campaign maps all empty and sad aside from PCs and the occasional legendary enemy that's trying to frag your team? Street People's got you covered! This pack is full of cyberpunk schoolgirls, beat cops, street shamans, mysterious strangers, totally legitimate businessmen, random pedestrians and others that'll bring more life to your stories!

I just want to say thanks to everyone that buys something! If you have a commission idea, request, question or comment feel free to send me a PM here on Roll20 or find me on Twitter as @sunsetndustries, and on Instagram @sunsetindustries (lots of works in progress shots over there)!

Thanks, and I appreciate you checking out my stuff!

23 Items Included in Street People Vol. 1

Beat Cop 1

modern token scifi fantasy human male gun police heavy gear street security cop cyberpunk cyborg urban shadowrun augmented beat riot corporate cybernetic cybrog

Beat Cop 2

modern token weapon soldier female police woman security npc cop captain armed force taser sergeant deputy private major

Beat Cop 3

modern token human male police black futuristic security npc cop future sheriff grunt cyber detective swat deputy africanamerican lieutenant lonestar noir wageslave

Businessperson 1

modern token human female boss woman business cyberpunk secretary manager powersuit businesswoman corporate datajack executive director jack implant artificial pleather

Businessperson 2

modern token human male boss business corpse npc businessman beard negotiator representative face contact manager fixer corporate johnson wageslave formal rep

Businessperson 3

modern token fantasy human male office cubicle phone drone urban mobile worker wageslave cubite cellphone casual messy

Businessperson 4

modern token human female briefcase office case blonde npc lady worker contact fixer johnson snitch informant officeworker attache disgruntled

Homeless Man 1

modern token military character human male army black veteran street npc cyberpunk eyes homeless people cyber american african metahuman sin sinless transient camper

Homeless Man 2

modern token character tank human male heavy futuristic strong street hat npc homeless beard hoodie beer silent quiet can noir informant

Homeless Woman 1

modern token female street npc engineer mechanic cyberpunk arm urban augmented fixer bionic johnson cybernetic

Legitimate Businessman

modern token male glasses henchman asian yakuza face contact underworld fist legit mirrorshades hench

RG 1

modern token male chest npc asian smoker tough sunglasses smoking cigarette pedestrian dystopian shades rebreather implants stimulator

RG 2

modern token scifi human male club unarmed black futuristic sci-fi armored pilot contact pedestrian fixer walker neonoir

RG 3

modern token human male fence spy bouncer face contact connect mule smuggling fixer clandestine coyote connection

RG 4

modern token character human male fence street npc mechanic asian urban hoodie dealer smuggler agent shiny contact johnson scalper

RW 1

modern token character human female background civilian npc pc people sunglasses person pedestrian purse shades sweater regular extras

RW 2

modern token female blonde work npc cyborg backpack jumpsuit neon tactical cybernetic mpc coveralls overalls deus ex

RW 3

modern token female mysterious rain npc dealer smuggler seller contact stranger fixer anonymous buyer johnson umbrella anonymity backalley

Street Shaman

modern token fantasy female shaman elderly magic feathers witch street security npc jacket smoker raven cyber older stranger magpie technomage wagemage streetshaman middleage middleaged

Teen Boy 1

modern token human male city kid npc school boy teenager glasses urban survival hoodie teen sports pedestrian sportsman nerd neo noir highschool jock nearfuture

Teen Boy 2

modern token male mask punk gang thief skull kid npc killer halloween teen clown ganger bandana halloweener purge

Teen Girl 1

modern token human female purple legs pink dancer girl glass cyborg jacket hoodie teen rich necklace amputee ballet ballerina tutu prima limbs adolescent privileged

Teen Girl 2

modern token human female moon teal pink girl school schoolgirl costume sailor teen people regular sailormoon outfit ordinary

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