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Roll20 Marketplace Product

Spell Tokens

Author: Dan DiPietro

This art will be available in the Art Library of all your games. Can include tokens, figures, maps, token borders, or portraits.

Price: $6.99

When your caster blasts a foe, you need to have an accurate representation of your effects. Now, your walls, auras, concentration and area of effect spells can be tracked on the battlefield with over 60 graphical representations bringing your campaign to life. Each art type comes in several shapes, sizes, and colors to fit the dimensions of your favorite spells as well as a few custom creations. Also included are a set of measuring tools for your own spell creations.

68 Items Included in Spell Tokens

Light Sphere

arcane aura beacon of hope

Black Tentacles

kraken octopus evardsblacktentacles

Thorn Wall

wall blade barrier rough terrain


darkness cloud flies

Fire Cone

blast burning hands fire spray

Lightning Sphere

electric static call lightening

Lightning Orb

electric sphere aura

Dark Sphere

darkness necrotic circle of death


orb cloud cloud of daggers

Cold Storm

vortex blizzard snow storm

Cone Chart

plans diagram chart

Cone Chart

spell aoe chart

Cone Chart

spell aoe chart

Lava Spray

fire blast burning hands

Cold Spray

cone of cold freezing spray ice storm

Cone of Fire

blast burning hands fire spray

Acid Spray

poison acid spray poison spray

Cube Chart

spells aoe chart

Cube Chart

spells aoe chart

Cube Chart

cube spells chart


necrotic death sphere

Desecrated Ground

magic darkness death


magic entangle rough terrain


sorcery spells entangle

Dirt Pile

rough terrain erupting earth mold earth


explosion blast sphere


explosion blast cinder


mist aura fog cloud

Freezing Sphere

blizzard snowstorm cold blast

Ice Sphere

orb snowball dancing lights

Ice Storm

blizzard snow storm sleet storm

Lightning Stream

ray lightning bolt chain lightning

Lightning Sphere

electric static lightning storm

Water Sphere

orb maelstrom ice storm


token fantasy fire mage wizard ranger warlock cleric caster flame magic druid circle arcane sorcery ray storm spells blast flaming summoning sphere aura aoe effects concentration areaofeffect zone


air fog cloud

Moon Beam

light beam spells

Poison Spray

ray disease poison


spell summoning aoe


spells blast aoe

Sleet Storm

cold storm spells

Sphere Chart

radius chart diameter

Sphere Chart

radius chart diameter

Sphere Chart

radius chart diameter

Spike Growth

terrain grass aoe

Stinking Cloud

terrain grass cloud

Storm Sphere

lightning spells electric

Sun Beam

light spell ray

Wall of Fire

fire wall spell

Wall of Fire

fire wall spell

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