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Arcknight Tokens - Ancient Evils Horde

Author: Arcknight $4.99

Arcknight Tokens - Ancient Evils Horde VTT
Ancient Evils Horde is a 31-piece expansion of unique monsters including Wraiths, Gaunts, Tentacles, Death Knights, Tentacles, Abominations, and much much more.
With 31+ pieces of the finest VTT tokens, all correctly scaled and with color adjustments to ensure the best quality for the pieces to show up well even on complex backgrounds. All pieces have high resolution to scale anywhere from 1x1 to 3x3 and beyond.
Includes Full-Box Alternate versions of most 2x2 and larger pieces if they were scaled down in their original version.

i One or more items in this set are licensed only for use in Roll20 and cannot be downloaded for use in other software.

37 Items Included in Arcknight Tokens - Ancient Evils Horde

13551 CultistDark

faceless hood daggers

13552 CultistEye

beholding eyeball stranger

13553 CultistFire

cult flame mask

13554 CultistPlague

masked plague humanoid

13555 CultistPossessed

floating spirit fire

13556 CultistSkull

poison skull evil

13557 CultistTattoos

tattooed person rituals

14601 DarkYoungShubNiggurath2

dunwich shub horror

22420 FelBeast1


22421 FelBeast2

beast lizard wings

22660 Fishman1Unarmed

fish dagon deep

22661 Fishman2Knife

green knife fighter

22662 Fishman3Spear

one deep spear

22663 Fishman4Sword

pink shield sword

26750 GibberingMouther

hissing spit putrid

26750A GibberingMoutherALT

pus eyes teeth

44450 Nightgaunt1

gaunt claws night

44451 Nightgaunt2

winged claw creature

45240 Nyarlathotep

chaos crawling tentacle

45240A NyarlathotepALT

nyarlathotep cthulhu lovecraft

61622 Tentacles3

octopus purple tentacle

61623 Tentacles4

length slimy green

61624 Tentacles5

suckers tentacles long

61625 Tentacles6

tendril shiny orange

69350 Wraithknight1

swordsman wraith dark

69351 Wraithknight2

bladed darkness mystery

69352 Wraithknight3

sharp hunter weapon

69353 Wraithknight4

wraiths haunt scary

69354 Wraithknight5Mounted

ghoul spirit rider

69354A Wraithknight5MountedALT

haunting horses horde

69355 Wraithknight6Mounted

cloaks stallion spooky

69355A Wraithknight6MountedALT

pale rider hooded

69356 Wraithknight7Mounted

chaser hunt horseman

69356A Wraithknight7MountedALT

gallop swords horse

69357 Wraithknight8Mounted

equine mount attack

69357A Wraithknight8MountedALT

chase rider leader

13550 CultistBlood

ritual sacrifice blood

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