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Strange Monsters 2

Author: RPG Fantasy Graphics $4.99

If you're looking for the strange and the unusual, then you have come to the right place.

This pack has the uncommon creatures that you would encounter along the journey of an adventure.

If you have any questions or suggestions please email me at C.kurz77@gmail.com.

20 Items Included in Strange Monsters 2


kool strange abberation bazaar weird floating eyes blue space fantasy token

Animated Carpet

animate moving item alive floating flight fighting carpet floor object fantasy token

Brain Devourer

intellect devourer 5th 5e rpg dnd fantasy token

Clock Monster

animated object moving animated clock alive guardian evil object fantasy token


cobra snake poison lizard death brown trap monster fantasy token


pinch crab pincher dnd lake water ground monster fantasy creature token

Cupcake Monster

oddity cupcake bazaar living fighting food monster fantasy creature token

Enchanted Armor

creautre 5e rpg animated poison crazy golem dnd enchanted green iron armor fantasy token

Flaming Skull

demons animated flaming floating death magical skull undead fantasy token


faint imagine haunting essence simple haunt haunted scary nightmare dark spirit basic blue ghost fantasy token


abberation 5e beak rpg grick worm npc dnd blue green monster fantasy token


5 headed dragon breathing hydra head dnd dragon monster fire fantasy token

Log Monster

animate object animate 5e dnd log monster fantasy token

Mouth Monster

gibbering mouther rpg ugly mouth slime npc dnd monsters fantasy creature token

Plated Bull

kurz gorgon joshua fan rpg creatures bull npc dnd monster fantasy token

Purple Worm

purple worm slither 5e rpg worm dnd purple earth ground fantasy creature token

Serpent Fish

strange rpg bazaar serpent fish dnd sea monster fantasy token

Sword eater

animate 5e rpg animated floating dnd fighting object sword weapon fantasy token

Toothy Monster

toothy strange abberation otyugh bazaar npc monster fantasy creature token


treant alive good woodland npc living land earth woods ground tree monster fantasy token

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