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Land of the Giants Set 2

Author: David North $4.99

The Land of the Giants series continues with set 2, bringing you 20 more tokens feature the Giant leaders and dangerous creatures to populate their unforgiving realm.

20 Items Included in Land of the Giants Set 2

Awakened Shrub

awakened shrub plant

Awakened Tree

awakened tree plant

Cloud Giant Countess

countess cloud giant


couatl celestial creature


dryad spirit fey

Fire Giant Duke

duke giant fire

Frost Giant Jarl

jarl frost giant

Hill Giant Chief

hill chief giant

Hobgoblin Captain

captain hobgoblin goblinoid

Hobgoblin Devastator

devastator hobgoblin goblinoid

Hobgoblin Iron Shadow

hobgoblin shadow iron

Hobgoblin Warlord

warlord hobgoblin goblinoid


hobgoblin humanoid goblin


monstrosity aquatic kraken


salamander elemental creature


satyr wilderness fey


humanoid shaman creature

Stone Giant Thane

thane giant stone

Thunderbeast Skeleton

thunderbeast skeleton undead


treant plant creature

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