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Majestic Hamlet T2

Author: RPG Fantasy Graphics $4.99

An expansion to the Majestic Hamlet T1. Enjoy more magical scenes to inspire your gaming session.

If you have any questions or suggestions please email me at

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Village Adventure T2
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Majestic Hamlet T1
Majestic Hamlet T2

44 Items Included in Majestic Hamlet T2

City_Insides_Busy Streets_3 Way

town village city

City_Roof_Busy Streets_3 Way

town village city

Ground_3 Way

town city grass

City_Insides_Bridged Crossing_4 way

hamlet village city

City_Insides_Blossom Tree Passing_4 Way

town village city

City_Roof_Blossom Tree Passing_4 Way

town village city

Ground_Empty Streets Squared_4 Way

town village city

City_Roof_Bridged Crossing_4 way

town village city

Ground_Empty_4 Way

town city grass

Fantasy Arch

arch asian entrance


group candle fire

Cart Puller_Purple

worker farmer business

Cart Puller_Red

carriage man woman

Cart With Puller_Orange

carriage cart wagon

Cart With Puller_Purple

asian wagon anime

Cart With Puller_Red

carriage asian wagon


practice pad carpet

Dojo_Empty Stand

martial arts training weapons

Dojo_Filled Stand

martial arts stand weapons

House_Shoji 10x5

home building house

House_Shoji 3x4

home building house

House_Shoji 4x3

home building house

House_Shoji 5x10

inside building house

House_Shoji 7x4

inside building house

Bridge_Red Fashion

asian bridge anime


relic religion god

Stock Cart Apples with Puller_Orange

cart wagon anime

Stock Cart Apples with Puller_Purple

asian cart wagon

Stock Cart Apples

stock wagon supplies

Stock Cart Rice with Puller_Orange

asian cart wagon

Stock Cart Rice with Puller_Purple

asian wagon anime

Stock Cart Rice with Puller_Red

rice cart wagon

Stock Cart Rice

cart wagon supplies

Stock Cart with Puller_Red_Empty

stock carriage wagon

Stock Cart

carriage cart wagon

Stringed Lanterns_Orange_Translucent

lanterns homes building

Stringed Lanterns_Orange_Solid

lanterns building house

Stringed Lanterns Red Translucent

lanterns building house

Stringed Lanterns Red_Solid

lanterns building house

Stringed Lanterns Yellow Translucent

lanterns building house

Stringed Lanterns Yellow Solid

lanterns building house

Shoji Window Replacement Door

wall entrance door

Practical Training Dummy

martial arts fights training

Zen Garden

asian garden anime

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