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Dueling Anvils Smithy Shoppe Map

Author: Deven Rue

This art will be available in the Art Library of all your games. Can include tokens, figures, maps, token borders, or portraits.

Price: $4.99

You’ve been walking through town for a bit now and as you do, you hear the constant clanking of metal-on-metal echoing through the narrow cobblestone streets. Following the echoing rhythm, you turn a corner and a new sound greets you, the sound of metal skipping across metal as a sign creaks it’s welcome to you. The building is rough cut stone bricks of varying shades of greys, blues, and deep reds. The roof has a sharp pitch and smoke bellows from the stack above. The sign creaks again and you see it has two anvils, side by side with hammers striking their surface and the words “Dueling Anvils” burned into the wood. The front door is wide open and the moment you step into the interior’s view, you know why as a wave of oppressive heat hits you. Sparks fly as a burly man brings a heavy maul down on the metal he’s working, barely seconds after he lifts it, another hammer is brought down upon it by the woman standing across him. They continue this wordless work for a few more minutes before, as if on cue, they both stop hammering and the man places the metal into the source of the heat; a large forge. Welcome to the Dueling Anvils Smithy Shoppe!

The Dueling Anvils blacksmithing shoppe is a story enhancing, immersive shop that you can drop into your fantasy campaign in just about any town or city. Created by Deven Rue as a part of her 'Story Map' series to help DMs tell the tales their players want without needing a ton of prep! Check out other packs from Deven to help build your fantasy town, city, or world.

Map is 55 inches (140 cm) at 72 dpi.

1 Items Included in Dueling Anvils Smithy Shoppe Map

Dueling Anvils Summer & Spring Day by Deven Rue

map shop smithy

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