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Roll20 Marketplace Product

Snowy Settlements Viking Village

Author: Gabriel Pickard $4.99 USD

8 wintry viking inspired village maps and 3 outskirt maps all created at 25x25, usable separately or fit together to create various small villages. Great for both attacking or defending.

65 Items Included in Snowy Settlements Viking Village

SSVV Central Fireplace 3x1

firepit hearth fireplace

SSVV Central Fireplace Small 2x1

firepit hearth fireplace

SSVV Craft Houses 25x25

scandinavian settlement northern

SSVV Craft Houses Roofs 25x25

cold viking village

SSVV Craft Houses Roofs Unfurnished 25x25

northmen town snow

SSVV Craft Houses unfurnished 25x25

settlement northern winter

SSVV Drying Rack 2x1

crude wood furniture

SSVV Estate 25x25

compound viking winter

SSVV Estate Roofs 25x25

scandinavian estate cold

SSVV Estate Roofs Unfurnished 25x25

estate compound northern

SSVV Estate unfurnished 25x25

headman compound viking

SSVV Farms 25x25

hamlet viking village

SSVV Farms Roofs 25x25

farm town winter

SSVV Farms Roofs Unfurnished 25x25

rural hamlet snowy

SSVV Farms Unfurnished 25x25

fjord outskirts ice

SSVV Frozen Barrel Empty 1x1

storage ice keg

SSVV Frozen Barrel Tipped 1x1

icy storage keg

SSVV Frozen Crate 1x1

frozen crate supplies

SSVV Frozen Stone Table 2x1

slab snowy stone

SSVV Frozen Trough 2x1

manger icy water

SSVV Fur Rack 2x1

frame hide skin

SSVV Great Hall 25x25

longhouse viking winter

SSVV Great Hall Roofs 25x25

longhouse viking winter

SSVV Great Hall Roofs Unfurnished 25x25

scandinavian settlement snowy

SSVV Great Hall Unfurnished 25x25

longhouse settlement northern

SSVV Houses 25x25

hamlet cold village

SSVV Houses Roofs 25x25

town village snowy

SSVV Houses Roofs Unfurnished 25x25

hamlet town snowy

SSVV Houses Unfurnished 25x25

hamlet northern village

SSVV Lone House 25x25

settlement farm viking

SSVV Lone House Roof 25x25

settlement farm snow

SSVV Lone House Roof Unfurnished 25x25

settlement farm viking

SSVV Lone House Unfurnished 25x25

scandinavian norse frozen

SSVV Marker Stone 1 2x2

runes norse boulder

SSVV Marker Stone 2 2x2

runes viking boulder

SSVV Marker Stone 3 2x2

runes viking boulder

SSVV Marker Stone 4 2x2

runes norse boulder

SSVV Outskirts Map 1 25x25

landscape winter empty

SSVV Outskirts Map 2 25x25

ice field land winter

SSVV Outskirts Map 3 25x25

rise field frozen

SSVV Pelt 1 1x1

hide fur skin

SSVV Pelt 2 1x1

hide bedding fur

SSVV Pelt 3 1x1

hide bedding fur

SSVV Pelt 4 1x1

hide fur bed

SSVV Pens 25x25

outbuildings farm frozen

SSVV Pens Roofs 25x25

outbuildings scandinavian winter

SSVV Pens Roofs Unfurnished 25x25

outbuildings farm northern

SSVV Pens Unfurnished 25x25

outbuildings farm viking

SSVV Pine Tree 1 3x3

northern snowy tree

SSVV Pine Tree 10 3x3

northern snowy tree

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