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Battle Pack - The Sprawl

Author: Mammoth Factory

This art will be available in the Art Library of all your games. Can include tokens, figures, maps, token borders, or portraits.

Price: $6.99

Battle Pack | The Sprawl

The vast, primordial forest of the Sprawl has for ages lain dormant. Now, with the construction of the frontier city of Ascencia, the fires of industry have encroached upon its verdant borders. With fire and axe, the city has taken more and more each year, and finally the great fungal deity of the forest, Oreshluma, has turned its gaze outward, toward Ascencia itself.
Summoning a supernatural mist of poisonous spores that swept from the treeline and paralyzed hundreds of Ascencia’s woodcutters, Oreshluma has set the stage for a cataclysmic war between the city and the denizens of the Sprawl. Desperate to avert disaster, one of the last voices advocating for diplomacy has need of a band of heroes to delve deep into the Sprawl, investigate the situation, and save the lives of Ascencia’s citizens without steering the city further into conflict with the forest.
Meanwhile, those who would seek to profit from the outbreak of war have sent their own champions to ensure that the wheel of history turns in their favour…

Art Pack

This is the Downloadable Art Pack installation of the tokens, maps, and statblocks from the Voidstalkers adventures. If you would like the full adventure, you can get that >>>here<<<!


Find us on Instagram and Facebook and check out or Website for news about our upcoming Kickstarter!

32 Items Included in Battle Pack - The Sprawl

Obsidian Knight Arlund Token

knight fighter obsidian

Bloomstalker 1 Token

token fey bloomstalker

Bloomstalker 2 Token

token fey bloomstalker

Bloomstalker 3 Token

token fey bloomstalker

Obsidian Knight Elleth Token

knight cleric obsidian

Obsidian Knight Garram Token

knight orc obsidian

Ka'athi Druid Elder Token

token druid elder

Loriantha Token

forest deer deity

Mycelian 1 Token

token plant fungus

Mycelian 2 Token

token plant fungus

Mycelian 3 Token

token plant fungus

Oreshluma Token

fungus mushroom deity

Thornling Swarm Token

plant swarm thornling

Thornling Token 1

plant fey thornling

Thornling Token 2

plant fey thornling

Todd the Toad Token

frog familiar toad

Obsidian Knight Treiys Token

knight obsidian captain

Flower Gorge 33x25

flower forest gorge

Forest River 48x40

river fey forest

Mountain - Sprawl Ver 40x40

forest mountain canyon

Stumps Fog 60x60

forest clearing fog


forest day clearing

Statblock Bloomstalker

block stat bloomstalker

Statblock Mycelian

block stat mycelian

Statblock Oreshlooma

block stat orshluma

Statblock Thornlings

block stat thornling

Statblock Druid

druid block stat

Statblock Loriantha

block stat loriantha

Statblock Obsidian Knight 1

knight block stat

Statblock Obsidian Knight 2

knight block stat

Statblock Obsidian Knight 3

knight block stat

Statblock Obsidian Knight 4

knight block stat

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