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Roll20 Marketplace Product

Battle Pack - Bloodlords of the Deep

Author: Mammoth Factory

This art will be available in the Art Library of all your games. Can include tokens, figures, maps, token borders, or portraits.

Price: $6.99

Battle Pack | Bloodlords of the Deep

An infamous ship captain has been troubled of late by terrible nightmares of his far-flung homeland, and, fearing the worst, has sought out a hardy band of heroes to travel with him to those misted isles and investigate.
In truth, however, these visions are a trap. The far-off misted isles of Thess have since ancient times been caught in the shadowy grip of an eldritch monster from the stars – and of its vampiric servants. These monsters have manipulated the islanders from the shadows for generations, awaiting the day when the stars will be right and their dread lord can be rejuvenated to its full strength. Realizing that they require the powerful blood that flows in the captain’s veins, they have sent nightmarish visions to draw him home.
Now, it falls to the party to unravel their deceptions, foil their dark plans, and save the misted isles from the vile beast that dwells below…

Art Pack

This is the Downloadable Art Pack installation of the tokens, maps, and statblocks from the Voidstalkers adventures. If you would like the full adventure, you can get that >>>here<<<!


Find us on Instagram and Facebook and check out or Website for news about our upcoming Kickstarter!

34 Items Included in Battle Pack - Bloodlords of the Deep

Aboleth Token

token aboleth bloodlords

Thessidian Ancient 1 Token

token ancient thessidian

Thessidian Ancient 2 Token

token ancient thessidian

Thessidian Drowner 1 Token

token drowner thessidian

Thessidian Drowner 2 Token

token drowner thessidian

Thessidian Drowner 3 Token

token drowner thessidian

Errol Athersen Token

human pirate captain

Flynn Athersen Token

human captain sailor

Plo'orgk Grung Token

token grung coraker

Lady Sarenya Token

queen vampire bloodlord

Triton Leviathon Token

token triton leviathon

Thessidian Vampire 1 Token

sea vampire bloodlord

Thessidian Vampire 2 Token

sea vampire bloodlord

Thessidian Vampire 3 Token

sea vampire bloodlord

Aboleth Temple 23x33

dungeon temple aboleth

Ancient Ruins 25x35 Day

day ruins ancient

Ancient Ruins 25x35 Night

night ruins ancient

Fairy Queen 23z33

ship queen fairy

Freehouse 33x23

tavern city freehouse

Island of Thess Charted Map - complete

map treasure regional

Island of Thess Charted Map - Initial

map treasure regional

Shipwreck 33x23

ship sea wreck

Water Temple 30x40 Day

water day temple

Water Temple 30x40 Night

water night temple

Waterfall 24x36

nature river waterfall

Statblock Aboleth

block aboleth stat

Statblock Lady

block queen stat

Statblock Drowner

block drowner stat

Statblock Errol

pirate block stat

Statblock Flynn

mage block stat

Statblock Leviathon

block leviathan stat

Statblock Grung

block grung stat

Statblock Vampire

block vampire stat

Statblock Ancient

block ancient stat

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