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Roll20 Marketplace Product

Spelljammer - Adventures in Space Art Pack

Author: Wizards of the Coast

This art will be available in the Art Library of all your games. Can include tokens, figures, maps, token borders, or portraits.

This Token Set is available in the following bundles

Accessing your Content

Art Pack: You can access the Art Pack under the Premium Assets section of the Art Library in-app. These assets are only available for in-app use.

Which Character Sheet should I use?
All Wizards of the Coast licensed content on Roll20 uses the D&D 5E by Roll20 character sheet.

Bug Reports
If you are experiencing any other issues, please let us know on the Help Center.

DUNGEONS & DRAGONS, D&D, Wizards of the Coast, the dragon ampersand, Player’s Handbook, Monster Manual, Dungeon Master’s Guide, all other Wizards of the Coast product names, and their respective logos are trademarks of Wizards of the Coast in the USA and other countries. All characters and their distinctive likenesses are property of Wizards of the Coast. The materials described in this statement are protected under the copyright laws of the United States of America and around the world under international intellectual property trea- ties. Any reproduction or unauthorized use of the materials contained herein or artwork contained herein is prohibited without the express written permission of Wizards of the Coast.

i One or more items in this set are licensed only for use in Roll20 and cannot be downloaded for use in other software.

340 Items Included in Spelljammer - Adventures in Space Art Pack

SAS NPC Giff 2 Token

artificer goggles musket

SAS NPC Aartuk 1 Token

plant green elder

SAS NPC Aartuk 2 Token

plant priest purple

SAS NPC Aartuk 3 Token

plant warrior brown

SAS NPC Astral Blight Token

plant glowing vines

SAS NPC Astral Dreadnaught Token

tendrils fangs pincers

SAS NPC Astral Elf 1 Token

collar golden-eyes.earrings

SAS NPC Astral Elf 2 Token

star morningstar white-hair

SAS NPC Astral Elf 3 Token

bow helmet collar

SAS NPC Astral Elf 4 Token

priest star morningstar

SAS NPC Astral Elf 5 Token

golden helmet honor-guard

SAS NPC Astral Elf 6 Token

warrior bow mask

SAS NPC Astral Elf 7 Token

bow sword commander

SAS NPC Astral Elf 8 Token

staff green-hair backpack

SAS NPC Astral Elf 9 Token

tattoos aristocrat pink-hair

SAS NPC Astral Elf Token

mounted twin

SAS NPC Astral Elf Named Prince Xeleth Token

sword twin aristocrat

SAS NPC Astral Elf Named Princess Xendalli 1 Token

twin aristocrat ring

SAS NPC Astral Elf Named Princess Xendalli 2 Token

twin aristocrat ring

SAS NPC Autognome 1 Token

bard rapier lute

SAS NPC Autognome 2 Token

caster butterfly crystal-ball

SAS NPC Autognome 3 Token

warrior axe shield

SAS NPC Autognome 4 Token

mechanical rivets chonky

SAS NPC Beholder Named Large Luigi Token

proprietor smile cats-eye

SAS NPC Beholder Token

grey fangs purple-eye

SAS NPC Braxat Token

giant horn greatclub

SAS NPC B'rohg Token

giant orange four-arms

SAS NPC Chwinga Token

blue fishing gold-eyes

SAS NPC Cosmic Horror Token

tentacles fangs spikes

SAS NPC Dohwar 1 Token

blue hood penguin

SAS NPC Dohwar 2 Token

green hood penguin

SAS NPC Dohwar 3 Token

purple hood penguin

SAS NPC Esthetic Token

aberation bioluminescent living-ship

SAS NPC Eye Monger Token

hidden asteroid aberration

SAS NPC Feyr Token

tentacles nightmare aberration

SAS NPC Flumph Named Flapjack Token

purple spelljammer feathered-hat

SAS NPC Gaj Token

mandibles insectile probes

SAS NPC Giant Space Hamster 1 Token

harness leash packs

SAS NPC Giant Space Hamster 2 Token

mount saddle bridle

SAS NPC Giff 1 Token

lantern breastplate musket

SAS NPC Parrot Token

badass green eyepatch

SAS NPC Giff 3 Token

staff explorer sash

SAS NPC Giff 4 Token

warrior axes tattered

SAS NPC Giff 5 Token

musket shipmate spectacle

SAS NPC Giff 6 Token

armor shock-trooper grenades

SAS NPC Giff 7 Token

morningstar warlord musket

SAS NPC Giff Named Commodore Krux Token

pistols pipe beret

SAS NPC Giff Named Warwyck Blastimoff Token

pipe major musket

SAS NPC Githyanki 1 Token

cutlass buccaneer climbing

SAS NPC Githyanki 2 Token

book monocle star-seer

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