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Roll20 Marketplace Product

Daegeroth Islands Complete Setting!

Author: Jameson Scott

This art will be available in the Art Library of all your games. Can include tokens, figures, maps, token borders, or portraits.

Price: $24.99

A complete regional setting located in a versatile enviroment! Take your party to the depths of a four level haunted cave or climb to the snowy peak of the treacherous mount daegeroth and raid his tomb!

Features two complete towns that you can explore with interior maps for all notable locations!
-Prison Cells
-Sewer System
-2 Shipyards
-Thieves Guild
-4 Unique Forest Settings
-River Crossings
-Mountain Tops
-Dark Caves


This is a must have for any campaign!!

57 Items Included in Daegeroth Islands Complete Setting!

Abandoned Airship Lab Grid

laboratory airship air ship

Abandoned Airship Lab

workshop airship air ship

Bastion of Light Cells Grid 10x10

prison jail cells

Bastion of Light Cells

prison jail cells

Bastion of Light Grid

keep castle fortres

Bastion of Light

keep castle fortress

Brass Knuckle Baracks Grid

keep guild barracks

Brass Knuckle Baracks

keep guild barracks

Cave of Silence D1 Grid

cavern cave underdark

Cave of Silence D1

cavern cave underdark

Cave of Silence D2 Grid

pirate cavern cave

Cave of Silence D2

pirate cavern cave

Cave of Silence D3 Grid

pirate ship wreck ghost ship

Cave of Silence D3

pirate ship wreck ghost ship

Goblin Cave Grid

cavern cave goblin cave

Goblin Cave

cavern cave goblin cave

Mt Daegeroth M1 Grid 48x32

river woods forest

Mt Daegeroth M1

river woods forest

Mt Daegeroth M2 Grid 60x45

camp mountain trail

Mt Daegeroth M2

climb mountain cliffs

Mt Daegeroth M3 Grid 80x20

bridge mountain peak

Mt Daegeroth M3

climb mountain mountain top

Northern Shipyard Grid

port docks shipyard

Northern Shipyard

dock ships port

Pleasant Valley Locations Grid 35x35

blacksmith brewery lumberyard

Pleasant Valley Locations

blacksmith brewery lumberyard

Port Bravos Sewers Grid 25x19

sewers sewer tunnel

Port Bravos Sewers

underground sewers tunnels

Quartez Forest M1 Grid

river camp forest

Quartez Forest M1

camp forest trail

Quartez Forest M2 Grid

cave forest trail

Quartez Forest M2

camp forest merchant

Southern Shipyard Grid

dock warehouse port

Southern Shipyard

dock warehouse shipyard

Temple of Tillaieya Grid

church temple monastery

Temple of Tillaieya

graveyard church temple

The Rusty Anchor Grid

tavern pub inn

The Rusty Anchor

tavern pub inn

Tomb of King Daegeroth 30x40

throne tomb throne room

Tomb of King Daegeroth Grid

throne tomb haunted

Water Battle Map Grid 60x45

water sea ocean

Water Battle Map

sea ocean islands

Whoopa Lighthouse Grid

dock tower lighthouse

Whoopa Lighthouse

dock tower lighthouse

Whoopa Sub Dock Grid 25x25

submarine steampunk sub

Whoopa Sub Dock

naval submarine sub

Daegeroth Islands

island world regional

Kandari 3026 A

world continent world map

Pleasant Valley

village town valley

Port Bravos

village town port

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