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Prefab Buildings 1

Author: Adam Bell $4.99

Every campaign needs a town, or city, or village...and with these prefab buildings, you can quickly assemble your own.

Perhaps you want to surprise your players with a pop encounter, or you are the type of GM who likes to try to have maps for everything your players do, this pack can help.

Included within this pack, are 9 highly detailed placeable buildings designed to go against any backdrop you wish; just place and go!

9 Items Included in Prefab Buildings 1

Barracks - Prison

barracks town city prison fantasy map


barracks town city fantasy map

General Store

store general town city fantasy map


town city home house fantasy map

Magic Shoppe - 1st Floor

shop town city magic fantasy map

Magic Shoppe - 2nd Floor

town city magic fantasy map


smithy blacksmith town city fantasy map


horses town stables building fantasy map


temple town city fantasy map

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