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Roll20 Marketplace Product

Jungle Empire

Author: PogS Props

This art will be available in the Art Library of all your games. Can include tokens, figures, maps, token borders, or portraits.

Price: $8.99

A collection of maps, tiles, assets and tokens to run an adventure or a campaign in a jungle setting

83 Items Included in Jungle Empire


overgrown city jungle

Corrupted Forest_23x23@150pps

forest jungle corrupted

Corrupted Forest_Alt1_23x23@150pps

forest jungle corrupted

Corrupted Forest_Alt2_23x23@150pps

forest jungle corrupted

Jungle Pond_23x23@150pps

pond jungle

Jungle Ruins_50x50@150ps

ruins jungle

Jungle Ruins_Alt_50x50@150ps

ruins jungle

Jungle Ruins_Bare_50x50@150ps

ruins jungle

Jungle Ruins_Sunset_50x50@150ps

ruins jungle

Jungle Temple_50x50@150pps

entrance jungle temple

Jungle Temple_Alternate_50x50@150pps

entrance jungle temple


forest jungle


jungle hills

Jungle Pyramid_50x50@150pps

pyramid jungle

Jungle Pyramid_Alt_50x50@150pps

pyramid jungle

Jungle Pyramid_Interior_16x16@150pps

pyramid jungle

Jungle Pyramid_Overgrown_50x50@150pps

pyramid jungle mayan


jungle shrine


flower pit jungle


pond pit jungle

Tomb Raiders' Cave_33x86@150pps

cave tomb jungle

Jungle Temple_Room_17x25@150pps

room jungle temple

Jungle Temple_Room_Empty_17x25@150pps

room jungle temple

Jungle Temple_Room_Fountain_17x25@150pps

room jungle temple

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