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Quick Encounters: Cursed Woods

Author: Gabriel Pickard $4.99 USD

8 unique dark forested maps plus a blank map created at 25x25 squares. Set includes additional pieces for customization. Good for quick set up and play in evil forests.

44 Items Included in Quick Encounters: Cursed Woods

QECW Black River 25x25

blighted wilds river

QECW Black River Dark 25x25

blighted wilds swamp

QECW Cursed Stone Circle 25x25

blighted henge wilds

QECW Cursed Stone Circle Active 25x25

henge evil magic

QECW Cursed Stone Circle Dark 25x25

henge evil fey

QECW Dancing Light 1 1x1

wisp lantern fey

QECW Dancing Light 2 1x1

fairylight wisp lantern

QECW Dancing Light 3 2x2

wisp lantern fey

QECW Drowning Pond 25x25

murky wilds swamp

QECW Drowning Pond Dark 25x25

murky grindylow pool

QECW Fell Glade 25x25

copse fairy evil

QECW Fell Glade Dark 25x25

wilds evil trees

QECW Fetid Pools 25x25

wilds bog swamp

QECW Fetid Pools Dark 25x25

wilds bog swamp

QECW Field Empty 25x25

blighted land empty

QECW Field Empty Framed 25x25

blighted land empty

QECW Gateway Arch 25x25

portal wilds magic

QECW Gateway Arch Active 25x25

portal fey magic

QECW Gateway Arch Dark 25x25

plane portal fairy

QECW Glowing Mist 1 5x7

glamour light magic

QECW Glowing Mist 2 3x4

eerie fog magic

QECW Glowing Mist 3 4x6

poison gas swamp

QECW Hangmans Tree 25x25

evil forest magic

QECW Hangmans Tree Dark 25x25

ritual evil forest

QECW Haunted Forest Path 25x25

cursed wilds fey

QECW Haunted Forest Path Aglow 25x25

fairy evil magic

QECW Haunted Forest Path Dark 25x25

desolate wilds fey

QECW Medium Tree 1 4x4

blighted cursed forest

QECW Medium Tree 2 5x4

blighted cursed forest

QECW Pool 1 2x2

murky puddle swamp

QECW Pool 2 3x3

murky puddle bog

QECW Pool 3 6x3

murky bog water

QECW Pool 4 4x4

murky water swamp

QECW Rock 1 2x2

fairy boulder stone

QECW Rock 2 2x2

boulder fey stone

QECW Rocks 3 2x2

boundary marker wilds

QECW Small Tree 1 3x3

webbed forest swamp

QECW Small Tree 2 3x3

blighted forest swamp

QECW Small Tree 3 2x2

cursed forest swamp

QECW Standing Stone 1 2x2

henge marker rock

QECW Standing Stone 2 2x2

marker monolith rock

QECW Standing Stone 3 4x3

marker fey rock

QECW Tall Tree 1 4x4

blighted cursed forest

QECW Tall Tree 2 5x5

evil forest magic

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