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Roll20CON Exclusive Art Pack 2017

Author: Roll20CON

This pack is no longer available.

After you make a donation, the pack will automatically be added to your account so you can access it right away.

Cybersmile, the international non-profit supporting victims of cyberbullying, is the official charitable partner of Roll20CON. At its foundation, Cybersmile is rooted in the idea of safe spaces online for all. You can learn more at

As a reward for your good deed, every Roll20 user who donates any amount (minimum $1) during Roll20CON will receive the Roll20CON Exclusive Art Pack, featuring tokens & tiles from these Marketplace creators:

The theme of the content pack is centered around an anti-bullying message. One of the toughest things about the reality of bullying is that it's often ignored or overlooked. The art within is loosely structured around this theme, and you'll see several types of vision aids in the content (monocle, spectacles, glasses, goggles, binoculars, etc) to suggest an attempt see something you otherwise might have missed. During Roll20CON, we encourage you to be on the lookout for your buddies, old and new!

Thanks for helping us raise money for charity during Roll20CON. Enjoy the convention!

21 Items Included in Roll20CON Exclusive Art Pack 2017

Binoculars sanctum

map binocular roll20con token fantasy

Cult of the Witness 30x30

map fantasy church watcher eye cult temple token fantasy


map roll20con cybersmile token fantasy


halloween portrait NPC enemy dungen creature fantasy token dnd horror monster demon token fantasy


DeLeon Eric villain hero humanoid male comic cartoon work clock clockwork npc glasses eye hammer tinkerer tinker gnome token fantasy token fantasy

Gold Dragon

cybersmile roll20con token dragon token fantasy

Grimlock King

male leader monster token fantasy


abomination monster large creature weed hatred 2017 roll20con token fantasy


wrestling gym showers high-school school modern token fantasy

Mechanical Eye

mech eye token roll20con token fantasy


roll20con cybersmile map token fantasy

Mystic Mole - Portrait

fur robe magic eyeball eye occultist vision mole animal fantasy token token fantasy

Mystic Mole

fur robe magic eyeball eye occultist vision mole animal fantasy token token fantasy


seer roll20con cybersmile token fantasy


1x1 token fantasy male sight astral realm far tentacles eyes spellcaster diviner sorcerer wizard mage seer token fantasy

Silver Dragon

cybersmile roll20con dragon silver token fantasy


roll20con cybersmile slime token fantasy


roll20con cybersmile slime token fantasy


roll20con cybersmile medusa token fantasy


roll20con cybersmile medusa token fantasy


cybersmile roll20con scholar token dragon token fantasy

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