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Darkwoulfe's Token Pack Vol24 - Beast of the Bogs

Author: Riley Owens $4.99

This product consist of 25 uniquely designed, 3D rendered VTT tokens, depicting both heroes (Kurgan the Dwarven Ranger, a Red Bearded Half Orc Fighter, a Paladin with a Heater Shield, Maenyrva the Drow Rogue, a Fighter in Plate Armor, an Elven Fighter, a Rogue with an Auto-loading Crossbow and a Hooded Druid) and villains/monsters (Frogmen - Axeman, wielding a Machuatl, Spearman and Shaman, Snake People - with a Khopesh, Dual wielding Falcattas, Archer, Spearman, with Sword and Shield, and a Sorceress, Gnoll - Crossbowman, Archer, Machete wielder, and a Flind, a Chimera, Shambling Mossman, and a Naga). These tokens are suitable for use with any fantasy role-playing game and are optimized for virtual table top (VTT) play.

Feedback is always appreciated!

25 Items Included in Darkwoulfe's Token Pack Vol24 - Beast of the Bogs


lion goat beast wings dragon monster fantasy token

Elven Fighter with Sword and Shield

paladin elven fighter fantasy token

Fighter in Plate Armor

platemail cape plate fantsy cloak red paladin fighter shield knight armor fantasy token

Flind Chief

flind nunchaku hyena gnoll man shield fantasy token

Frogman Axeman

pollywog battleaxe frog bog man fighter shield axe warrior swamp fantasy token

Frogman Shaman

pollywog headdress frog bog man feathers staff cleric shaman priest swamp fantasy token

Frogman Spearman

pollywog spearman frog bog man fighter warrior swamp fantasy token

Frogman with Machuatl

pollywog spiked spikes frog bog man club fighter shield warrior swamp fantasy token

Gnoll Archer

hyena gnoll bowman man archer fantasy token

Gnoll with Crossbow

crossbowman hyena gnoll man fantasy token

Gnoll with Machete

falchion hyena gnoll man shield fantasy token

Hooded Druid with Khopesh

hood khopesh sickle hooded forest druid shaman shield fantasy token

Kurgan Kaladrun

tatoo wield dual backpack axes ranger dwarf fantasy token


darkelf dagger dark underground drow assassin rogue elf fantasy token


snakedile serpent snake guardian fantasy token

Paladin with Heater

heater platemail plate paladin heavy fighter shield sword knight armor fantasy token

Redbearded Half Orc Fighter

skirt breastplate half-orc fighter shield sword warrior fantasy token

Rogue with Auto-Crossbow

leather black hunter crossbow fantasy token

Shambling Mossman

beast mound bog swamp fantasy creature token

Snake Woman Sorceress

yuan snake dagger witch caster shaman swamp fantasy token

Snakeman Archer

serpentine yuan snake bowman hybrid man archer fantasy token

Snakeman Spearman

serpentine yuan spearman snake hybrid man spear shield fantasy token

Snakeman Swordsman

falcatta serpentine yuan wield snake dual hybrid man fantasy token

Snakeman with Khopesh

serpentine yuan snake khopesh hybrid man shield fantasy token

Snakeman with Sword and Shield

serpentine yuan snake hybrid man shield sword fantasy token

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