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Roll20 Marketplace Product

Jans Token Pack 42 - Humanoids

Author: Jan Loos

This art will be available in the Art Library of all your games. Can include tokens, figures, maps, token borders, or portraits.

Price: $5.99
This Token Set is available in the following bundles

These humanoids are inspired by the monster book from the 2nd most popular fantasy tabletop roleplaying game, but can be used to represent a humanoid figure in any of your favorite TTRPG's.

They include:
The dragon worshipping Kobolds
The dog slicing and horse chopping Goblins
The militaristic Hobgoblins
The degenerate Morlocks

May they bring your players, great challenges and a lot of fun!

They include Kobolds, Goblins, Hobgoblins, and Morlocks.

52 Items Included in Jans Token Pack 42 - Humanoids

Kobold Warrior Black

spear black kobold

Kobold Warrior Blue

spear blue kobold

Kobold Warrior Green

spear green kobold

Kobold Warrior Red

red kobold dragonshield

Kobold Warrior White

spear white kobold

Kobold Scout Black

black scout kobold

Kobold Scout Blue

sword blue kobold

Kobold Scout Green

sword green kobold

Kobold Scout Red

red kobold scale sorcerer

Kobold Scout White

white scout kobold

Kobold Dragon Mage Black

black kobold dragon mage

Kobold Dragon Mage Blue

wizard blue kobold

Kobold Dragon Mage Green

green kobold dragonmage

Kobold Dragon Mage Red

red kobold dragon mage

Kobold Dragon Mage White

warlock white kobold

Goblin Warrior Dogslicer

warrior sword goblin

Goblin Warrior Archer

warrior bow goblin

Goblin Warrior Staff

warrior mage goblin

Goblin Warrior Torch

warrior torch goblin

Goblin Commando Spear

spear goblin commando

Goblin Commando Bow

bow goblin commando

Goblin Commando Rogue

goblin daggers commando

Goblin Pyro Fire

mage goblin pyro

Goblin Pyro Mage

wizard goblin pyro

Goblin Pyro Warlock

warlock sorcerer goblin

Goblin War Chanter Dogslicer

sword goblin war chanter

Goblin War Chanter Bow

archer goblin war chanter

Goblin War Chanter Whip

slave goblin whip

Goblin Dog

dire rat goblin dog giant rat

Goblin Dog Mutated

goblin dog mutated rat radioactive rat

Goblin Dog Familiar

rat spirit rat familiar summoned rat

Hobgoblin Archer Crossbow

archer crossbow hobgoblin

Hobgoblin Archer Musket

gun hobgoblin musket

Hobgoblin Archer Spear

spear fighter hobgoblin

Hobgoblin Soldier Sword

soldier hobgoblin captain

Hobgoblin Soldier Archer

bow archer hobgoblin

Hobgoblin Soldier Mace

soldier hobgoblin warlord

Hobgoblin General Glaive

hobgoblin captain general

Hobgoblin General Gold

hobgoblin general warlord

Hobgoblin General Axe

hobgoblin captain warlord

Morlock Club

club underground morlock

Morlock Axe

monster cave morlock

Morlock Sling

fighter morlock sling

Morlock Scavenger Dagger

dagger scavenger morlock

Morlock Scavenger Club

club scavenger morlock

Morlock Scavenger Staff

wizard scavenger morlock

Morlock Engineer Crossbow

crossbow engineer morlock

Morlock Engineer Cannon

engineer morlock cannon

Morlock Engineer Artificer

engineer morlock artificer

Morlock Cultist Fire

wizard cultist morlock

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