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Undeads - Pack 2

Author: Elcio Trombini $4.99

Incorporeal undeads.

25 Items Included in Undeads - Pack 2


wailing banshee spirit undead elf fantasy token

Crimson Death, Bloody

crimson cloud death

Crimson Death, Hungry

crimson cloud specter death

Ghost 01

ghost undead sword

Ghost 02

hammer ghost fighter

Ghost 03

flail ghost warrior

Ghost 04

ghost undead mace

Ghost 05

ghost undead axe

Ghost 06

ghost undead fantasy

Ghost 07

ghost undead token

Ghost 08

ghost undead fantasy

Ghost 09

ghost undead mage

Grim Reaper

grimreaper spirit death

Haunt, fading

haunt spirit token

Haunt, transparent

haunt spirit undead

Hooded Wraith, transparent

wraith undead token

Hooded Wraith

wraith undead token


crawler worm night shadow giant


night shadow giant


wing night shadow


shadow undead fantasy

Specter, transparent

specter spirit undead


specter spirit undead fantasy token

Spectral Mummy

wraith mummy undead fantasy

Wraith, transparent

wraith spirit undead

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