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Cavern of Frost Giants [Part 1] - Battlemap

Author: Eightfold Paper

This art will be available in the Art Library of all your games. Can include tokens, figures, maps, token borders, or portraits.

Price: $4.99
This Token Set is available in the following bundles

Good morrow, travelers!

Do you want to build a snowman? Bundle up for a blizzardous trek through the glacial rift where Frost Giants dwell! Discover ancient relics and war memorabilia truly frozen in time.

The map comes in 8 exclusive variants to cater to any of your adventure’s epics.


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Tags: #cave, #giants, #ice, #snow, #winter

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Every map we create is made from scratch, by hand. Your players will love to explore the details in every nook and cranny, as our maps aren’t just TableTop maps, but pieces of art worth playing—your journey is paved from beginning to end with quality maps that leave your players impressed. Browse through our entire library here.

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8 Items Included in Cavern of Frost Giants [Part 1] - Battlemap

CavernOfFrostGiants _Part_01_Original_20x33

cave giants original

CavernOfFrostGiants _Part_01_Midnight_20x33

cave giants midnight

CavernOfFrostGiants _Part_01_Shadowfell_20x33

cave giants shadowfell

CavernOfFrostGiants _Part_01_RoyalSun_20x33

cave giants royalsun

CavernOfFrostGiants _Part_01_Clean_20x33

cave giants clean

CavernOfFrostGiants _Part_01_AmethystSky_20x33

cave giants amethystsky

CavernOfFrostGiants _Part_01_ObsidianOutpost_20x33

cave giants obsidianoutpost

CavernOfFrostGiants _Part_01_WarCamp_20x33

cave giants warcamp

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